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Yosemite Ostrander Lake backpacking (1night)

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READ the event description before signing up!
Also read these pages if you haven't done so already since you joined the group:

This event is about:
Take pictures of Sunset, Milky Way, Startrails at a scenic location in Ansel Adams Wilderness. This is a one nights backpacking event with camping in wilderness.
Hiking Hiking to shooting location is required, up to 6.5miles (one way) with elevation gain of 1600ft. This is a strenuous hike at high elevation, above 8000ft!

Hike information:

Event Host:
Enrico (

Event RSVP/waitinglist, attendance, limit etc:
The waitinglist and lottery is to give everyone that signs up for this event a fair chance to be selected and able to attend because space is limited and this is a special event.
Everyone on the waiting list will be in the pool for the lottery. People with the most recent no-shows ( or who have proved troublesome to deal with will get the lowest priority at the selection process.

Event is limited to: 7 people (incl. event host).

If you change to a "NO" status less than 3 days prior to the event you are counted as a No-Show. I'm tracking no Shows ( for this event. Guests are not permitted.

Requirements that need to be met to be selected!:
- Answer all questions that are asked when signing up on waiting list
- You need to have completed before September 10th a hike of at least 5miles at elevation above 8000ft and elevation gain of at least 1000ft with backpack (packed with content/weight you will have at the backpacking trip); suggestions for Yosemite: Cathedral Lakes (upper Lake), Sunrise Lakes (upper lake), Elizabeth Lake .... more here (
- need to know your plan what you'll do to stay fit for the trip

Bear canister required: can be rented in Yosemite for $5/week or other places that rent approved bear canisters

Accommodation suggestions before/after event:
With the wilderness permit everyone in the group is authorized to stay at the backpackers campground one night before and after the event if you want to (White Wolf, North pines, Tuolumne Meadows, Hetch Hetchy).
For the backpackers campground is no reservation required and won't be full.
It costs $5 per person and night to be paid in cash at the campground. Rangers may ask for the wilderness permit number (I'll give you that number after you paid the wilderness permit fee).
Other suggestions, read here:

required(after you've been selected):
- complete Emergency Contact Form ( and return it to the event host
- complete a Waiver of Liability ( and return it to the event host

- camera with wide angle lens (with effective focal length of 24mm or less) + standard zoom lens
- for taking Milky Way pictures you need a camera that handles ISO 2000 well (or acceptable for you)
- 1-2 spare charged camera batteries or battery grip or external power source
- sturdy/solid tripod where nothing wiggles or is lose
- for taking star trails you need an intervalometer which can be one integrated in the camera (max 30s shutter speed) or external intervalometer
- red light! (or flash light that can be switched to red light) + spare battery and/or spare light
- comfy and warm hiking shoes, warm layered clothing, knit hat, light gloves, heavy socks : from day to night temperatures will drop up to 45°F
- water at least 64 fl oz
- water purifier
- enough food (Dinner, Breakfast and snacks)
- camping gear (tent, sleeping bag...)

recommended to bring:
- insect repellent, itch relief
- 2nd camera with wide angle lens (if you want to take startrails and Milky Way pictures at the same time)
- mat/pad to sit or knee on
- extra socks
- energy drink if you need it ...

More suggestions and tips about backpacking here:

September 28th:
Sunrise: 6:52am Sunset: 6:43pm
Moonrise on Sunday 29th (illumination 40%): 1:44am
Civil 6:25am 7:11pm
Nautical: 5:54am 7:42pm
Astron': 5:24am 8:12pm
Milky Way: visible from around 7:50pm until around 2am

Carpooling is strongly recommended. There is a National Park fee (to get in Yosemite) per vehicle of $20 (valid for a week).

Q&A about nightphotography:

If you want to do star trails and haven't done it yet you may want to read up on that,

There are also plenty other blogs/articles about that on the Internet.