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This is a Friday event it will go on as long as it is not raining and not conpletely overcast in San Juan Bautista at noon on the day of the event

Your host for this event is John Cincotta ( Please contact him if you have questions or ask below. You might first want to read the "Must Read This (" page as it may answer most of your questions.

Weather Forecast ( <-- Click

Fremont Peak seeing conditions


there will be 20 slots available and each person will be able to bring 1 guest but must be in the same vehicle

SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS (please read this first ( if you have questions)

You must have a YES RSVP to actually attend.

A no show ( to this event will be recorded.

You must withdraw from the event less than 2 days before it starts or you will be counted as a no show.

Guests (1) are permitted.

Bringing undeclared guests will be treated the same as a no-show.

there will be a sign in list on the back of my car and the attendee must sign in or be marked as a no-show (not the 1 guest)

Camping / Overnight Use

Access fee (as of last year) is $6 ($5 for seniors) for day use (up to one hour after sunset) and an additional* $25 for camping or overnight use. If booked through ReserveAmerica (, there is also an $8 reservation fee. Not all campsites are reservable about 4 are first-come first served. The number of cars permitted depends on the campsite selected. Assume that one car per site is the norm. Anyone else must park in the separate parking area. There are about 35 available spaces in the two parking areas, not including at least one area per campsite. Click HERE ( for a campsite map. There are both tent and RV/Trailer campsites.

*NOTE: ReserveAmerica implies that the campground fee includes admission for one vehicle into the park.

(click map for larger image)

NOTE: The map is labeled incorrectly. Valley View is at the left (west) and offers mostly RV spots and Oak Point is toward the top and has only tent sites.

2:00-6:00 PM arrive and setup
6:12 PM Sunset

7:40 PM astro twilight ends

7:40 PM milky way is in the SW

8:00 PM Andromeda is 50 degrees above the eastern horizion

10:00 Pm Orion rises, Pleates is nice

6:03 AM astro twilight starts

7:31 AM sunrise


headlamp and flashlight (have a red filter as there will likely be astronomers active throughout the park).

warm sweater, coat dress in layers

knit hat

light gloves.

a liter of Gatorade or the equivalent

Snacks, dinner, breakfast

Camera, tripod, film/memory cards, extra battery or three

Recommended Lens(es) wide for Milky Way and star trails other focal lengths for other things
Read THIS ( or THIS ( for more on lenses.


Remote/cable release


will be supplied to yes rsvp's


1. Can I bring my pet/dog?
To the park, yes - permitted in certain areas on a leash. With the group, no unless you are sure you're willing to pay for the damage an out of control animal may do to equipment, people or the environment.

2. I am on the waiting list, can I attend?
We will mark you as a no-show and bar you from future events ( if you do.
For even more information about the rules we operated under at BANP see here (

3. I see someone dropped out, can I take their place?
Not unless you are the next person on the waiting list. It's rude to "cut in line".

4. If I have a yes RSVP and I don't show up, then what?
You will be marked a no show ( and barred from future events. Might even be kicked out of the group if it has been your habit.

5. I was on the waiting list (or I was a Yes), but my RSVP was changed to NO, why!?
Because you have a prior no-show. You can rejoin the waiting list, but we'll keep moving you to the bottom.

6, If I indicate how much I want to go, or plead for a spot will that help me get one?
No. Meetup doles out yes RSVPs on a first-come, first served basis. We are glad you are eager, but we assume everyone who is desiring a yes RSVP is eager or they wouldn't be RSVPing. If you are only lukewarm about it, don't RSVP.

If you have further questions ask below in the comments.