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Freebinar: Introduction to Night Photography via

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Steven C.
Freebinar: Introduction to Night Photography via


Sign Up HERE:

You have TWO options
-> PAID (link at top of this text). Payment option includes immediate sending of 94+ pages of notes and a link to a prior event recording. Guaranteed seat in the webinar.
-> Show up and attend for free ON THE NIGHT OF THE EVENT ONLY. Use the link at the top of this description!

Signing up on Meetup is allowed, but doesn't guarantee a seat and does NOT include notes. Notes cost $4 in advance and $6 afterward. See the above link for WHY we charge for notes.


It’s really informal, drop in, hang out, leave when you wish. You won’t have to say a word or hardly lift a finger. We’ll give you a 10,000 foot view of Night Photography ideas and principles and attack a handful of your questions.

What You'll Learn

* Typical settings for night photos
* The many different types of Night Photography
* What equipment you may need, and what you don't need
* Inspiration and ideas
* How webinars can work as a learning vehicle for you.
* What services StarCircleAcademy Offers
* How to overcome some common problems
* Links to great resources

It is interactive. Pre-ask questions, get answers! NOTE: This is a LIVE event, while we will record it only those who purchase the notes will have access to a recorded webinar.

Duration: 60 minutes
Needs a location