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Learn a unique style of starry-night-sky landscape photography from me (Royce Bair) and my guest presenters. Meet-ups vary from FREE photo walks, classes and lectures, to location workshops. Although the majority of our meet-up have been in Utah, we currently have met in over 40 different locations, across 14 states; and, we hope to meet soon in your area!

The "NightScape" style of photography is illustrated on my Instagram profile (over 3,300 posts and 480K followers), where I showcase a guest 'nightscaper' almost every day, as well as some of my own images. You may also wish to join our NightScaper Facebook group, where thousands of members share their images and explain how they created their art. I also created the annual NightScaper Conference. You can continue your learning from my Into the Night Photography blog and from my PATREON support group.

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Moonrise Over Wasatch Mountains Photo Walk #2

Needs a location

The moonrise conditions for this photo walk should be more ideal that our event on September 9th, because the rising of the moon and the setting of the sun will be closer to each other (and hopefully, we won't have the wildfire smoke conditions in the valley, like we had last month).

Here's something all moonscapers need to know: Every month, on the night before the full moon, the moon rises at about the same time the sun is setting. That means that there is usually just enough ambient light left to illuminate the landscape!

The next time this will happen along the Wasatch Front is on Saturday, October 8th, at about 7:00pm.

Why is that important to know? Because on the actually day of the full moon, it's too dark to see the landscape detail — the moon rises about an hour after the sun has set.

We plan to arrive at our shooting location at about 6:00pm and start setting up for a 6:59pm sunset. Although the moon is scheduled to rise at 6:45pm (based on sea level time), it will take about 15 minutes to crest over the peaks — placing its appearance just about the same time the sun goes down!

The closer we are to the mountains, the more time it takes for the moon to peak over the mountains. The further we are from the mountains, the sooner the moon will crest — which is why we are positioning ourselves on the west side of the Salt Lake City valley, along the Bacchus Hwy (SR111), in West Jordan (exact location will be sent to those who RSVP).

FREE Event: Most of our "NightScape Photography" events are free. To ensure this continues, and to help bring more events like this, please consider donating to our group sometime this year, by clicking the button by the above photo.

LIMITED TO 20 SPOTS (+ guests): In order to ensure a quality experience, and to help eliminate congestion, I am limiting this event to to 20 people (and up to one guest per person). If you RSVP and cannot attend, please un-register so someone on the wait list can attend.

ABOVE PHOTO: I took the above photo two years ago, on September 29 with a 600mm lens (giving one 12X more magnification than a standard 50mm lens). EXIF: f/5.6, 1/80th second, ISO 100. For best results, I'd recommend using at least a 400mm lens (and up to 1200mm). However, you can get very acceptable results with a 200mm lens.

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Milky Way Photo Walk Over Pony Express Station

Needs a location

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