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Learn a unique style of starry-night-sky landscape photography from me (Royce Bair) and my guest presenters. Meet-ups vary from FREE photo walks, classes and lectures, to location workshops. Although the majority of our meet-up have been in Utah, we currently have met in over 40 different locations, across 14 states; and, we hope to meet soon in your area!

The "NightScape" style of photography is illustrated on my Instagram profile (over 3,300 posts and 480K followers), where I showcase a guest 'nightscaper' almost every day, as well as some of my own images. You may also wish to join our NightScaper Facebook group, where thousands of members share their images and explain how they created their art. I also created the annual NightScaper Conference. You can continue your learning from my Into the Night Photography blog and from my PATREON support group.

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Going to the Dark Side

West Jordan Library

"Going to the Dark Side" is about a new genre of landscape photography that involves taking photos of the starry night sky, especially the Milky Way, with landscape features in the foreground.

Although the presentation is slated as "A Beginner's Guide to Astro-Landscape Photography", about half will be for beginner and half will be for advanced nightscape photographers — something for everyone.

While nightscape photography can even be done with some of the new smartphone cameras, Royce will concentrate more on using adjustable DSLR and mirrorless cameras that allow one to change lenses.

Royce Bair is a popular international "nightscape" speaker that enjoys giving back to the community (this event is FREE) — in fact, Royce gave part of this presentation earlier this year to the Outsiders Photography Conference, where landscape photographers paid up to $699 to attend!

This presentation is in the Viridian Event Center (room C) of the West Jordan Library, which has a seating capacity of about 175 people — however, the library will also be promoting this event to the general public, so you'll want to come early to make sure you get a good seat!

VIRTUAL ACCESS? At the moment, we do NOT plan to provide virtual "Zoom" access to this presentation. However, if you have a group (i.e. a camera club) that has at least 30 members, you can contact me about receiving a personalized presentation just for your group (either in-person or via Zoom). Please leave your requested in the comments below or email to [masked] — use the subject: Going to the Dark Side presentation.


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Day & Night Photography at the "City of Rocks" - Almo, Idaho

City of Rocks National Reserve