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Sunny skies are glorious, but as anyone who's been around will tell you, the real fun usually happens after dark.

Nightlife in the Couve is a group for those of us in and around the Portland/Vancouver area whose circadian rhythms follow the beat of a different drum. We warmly welcome night owls, insomniacs, DSPD sufferers, graveyard shift workers, party animals, wannabe vampires, and all those who find themselves up past society's bedtime with energy to burn. Even if you're an early bird who's just curious what the world looks like after 9 PM, you're invited to join in any of our events.

Evening activities don't appear on Meetup as frequently as those hosted during daytime hours, but there is excitement to be had after the sun goes down (yep, even way up here in sleepy Vantucky). I've spent years hunting for the fun hidden on the black side of dusk, and now I'm looking to bring some adventurous individuals along for the ride. So let's get out there, make some new friends, and create memories that will last us long after the light of dawn spills over the foothills to wake all the poor saps who missed the party.

NOTE: Members must be 21 or older to join this group.

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Rose Festival - Country Fest

Tom McCall Waterfront Park

After a 2 yr hiatus the Portland Rose Festival is back and that means Country Fest! Parmalee is the headliner but the lineup is amazing and Country Fest is ALWAYS a ton of fun. Even if country music isn't your normal jam come join NLC take over the Rose Festival!

I'm (Janice) posting this so early because ticket price is $35 until April 22nd. After that it goes up. (See end of description for current ticket price) I went 4 years in a row prior to covid and it always sells out so if you want to join please go get your tickets.

This will start at 1 PM for those that want to go to the rose festival carnival portion. Ticket to the concert gets you entry to the carnival as well. Gates for the concert open at 4.

Alex and I will be cohosting this because I love country music and will definitely be in the crowd, but if you're not as gung ho as I am, Alex will be hanging back with those that don't want to join me up front. This will give everyone the opportunity to have fun however you want.

After the concert ends (around 10) whoever want to continue to party in downtown Portland will follow Alex on a half mile crawl to Dante's and join the nights Sinferno festivities. Sinferno is a burlesque show with fire!

Get your Country Fest tickets here:


Current Price is $40


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