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We're committed to the late 18th century American values of equal application of the law for all men with privilege for none.

Personal responsibility, acknowledgment of God our creator, individuals being free to choose if and when they'll practice charity, and parents being the final authority for how they'll raise their children are among the fundamental causes our group has chosen to promote.

We believe the primary role of federal government is protection of its citizens and that the closer that government is to the governed, the more responsive and ideal is government.

Thus, a small federal government, as enumerated by the Bill of Rights, releases all remaining power to the states and their citizens.

Seeing that today's major parties, whenever in power, have chosen to be guided more often by their polls and their instincts than by the Constitutional tenets which they pledged to protect and defend, our group recognizes no political party

Our aim is to elect any man who can unwaveringly defend these ideals and understands that he works at the pleasure of the people as part of a true republic.

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Conservative Conversation and Cocktails!

Three Brothers Deli & Brew House

Come and join us for the launch of a new monthly event, Three C's at Three Brothers!! Three Brothers has offered an exclusive special to attendees of this monthly event: half price appetizers in addition to their awesome happy hour drink specials. This event will be held on the first Tuesday of every month and is open to anyone who wants to attend for conservative conversation and networking. This monthly opportunity for a great time is sponsored by the Rutherford County Tea Party and 912 of Rutherford County. WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!

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Conservative Conversation and Cocktails!

Three Brothers Deli & Brew House

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