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DONATE $9 TO HELP BUILD NINE LIVES’ NEW SHELTER! Imagine going from life on the streets to a living in a warm, safe place where you are nourished and cared for, where staff and volunteers feed and pet you and call you by name, where you can stay until you find your forever home. That’s what Nine Lives does. We’ve rescued thousands of cats and kittens from homelessness and high-kill shelters, provided needed medical treatment, and matched them with permanent guardians. Among the Nine Lives success stories are two world-famous fur babies known as Smurf and Wanda. Now we’re the ones who need to be rescued. After 12 years in our current location in Redwood City, California, Nine Lives is relocating to a former laundromat nearby. To call it a fixer-upper would be an understatement – and we couldn’t be happier about it. Why? First, a smaller space will cut both our one-time buildout costs and on-going operating expenses significantly, freeing up funds for other projects that benefit the cats and kittens. In addition, we get to design the interior from scratch, which allows us to optimize the use of space and innovate new ways to care for our dear furry ones. But there’s just one problem: money. We need interior walls. Windows. Signage. A new air-conditioning system to ensure proper ventilation and isolation. Enclosures for the cats and kittens. A meeting area where prospective adopters and adoptees can get to know each other. Desks and cabinets and shelving and storage. Based on preliminary estimates, it could cost as much as $175 thousand, perhaps more, to build out the space. That’s why we’re asking you to donate 9 dollars. Seriously? Just 9 dollars? That’s it? Not quite. We’re also asking you to ask 9 friends to donate 9 dollars. And they will ask 9 more. You see where this is going. Of course, we would be happy to have more. But this isn’t just about money, it’s about spreading our story to more and more people. Because when people find out about Nine Lives, they want to help. And when they help us, we can do what we do best: Rescue, care for, and place homeless cats and kittens in forever homes. To donate please go to:

Nine Lives Foundation

3016 Rolison Rd · Redwood City, CA