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Behold, Bujinkan Tori! The mark of outstanding instruction and an awesome, ancient, & authentic Ninjutsu program, now in Dubai!!!

Mobile Friendly webpage (what, why, who, how, fees) for Dubai Ninjutsu: Google Docs Page (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OGgG9sDh8f6bkBsRxRkZxZGfI1__aGQYyX3C_nI1Jzo/) / Mowrow Page (http://mowrow.com/BujinkanDubai/)

- sample pix: link (https://www.facebook.com/ToriDubai/photos_stream?tab=photos_albums) (FB) & vids: link (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHSl4rN5XmP-KnUMLROnVyd_0MpuoVOwf) (YT)
- groups orientation vids (The 3 Groups, The 3 Meetup Interfaces, The 3 Fees): link (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHSl4rN5XmP-mBeOLIaokSE9TNFRENFdi)
- more info webpage (Xtreme Yoga, Xtreme Ninjutsu, Bujinkan, Tori): link (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1r7wSjzvnZMXFhPF1yDO8-Z2nZTEg7k2g5K5KKa1PNkg/edit?usp=sharing)




If u use the site for info (time, location, fees, etc.) then 1st meetup is free & 3 times less the rate afterwards (Fees below):
- Desktop Site (RECOMMENDED: all fonts & info, working code; PC / tablet / bottom of Mobile Site)
- Mobile Site (NOT RECOMMENDED: missing fonts & info, messy code)
- Meetup App (DO NOT USE: missing & hidden & inaccurate info, messy code)


Bujinkan: divine war house, Budo: way of war, Taijutsu: body art.

This is one of many global Bujinkan Tori (check BujinkanTori.com (http://BujinkanTori.com/)) groups where you can learn a secret martial art & meditation - encompassing Ninjutsu and Samurai arts of Japan - using an ancient & effective program and method of teaching that is extremely hard to find other than through Tori schools, one of which is now in Dubai.


{{{ !!! WHAT !!! }}}

Train, meet great people, and learn a fun, safe activity. Bujinkan is an ancient & secret martial art of the Ninja (3 schools) and Samurai (6 schools) that will turn you into a warrior and transform you inside out.



{{{ !!! WHY !!! }}}

• develop philosophy, respect, inner-nature, friendliness, humbleness, kindness, humbleness, peacefulness, life force (ki / chi), energy-efficiency, centeredness, intuition, discipline, appreciation
• develop intelligence, strategy, multitasking, mind body connection & coordination, body-awareness, awareness, focus, proactivity, creativity & improvisation, adaptability, efficiency, effectiveness, determination, meticulousness, endurance, patience, persistence, timing, distance, reflex, stealth & deception, knowledge (geometry, physics, mechanics, anatomy, psychology, culture).
• develop flexibility, strength & stamina, stability, speed, strong friendships, & how to better protect yourself & others

This practice truly does transform u and ur life with it. If you are struggling with stress or fatigue or melancholy or boredom (due to your attitude) then it will change it and therefore your life too!

A warrior attains efficiency by: being an expert in dealing with the worst caliber of problems (life or death) which translates into dealing with common problems with minimal stress and panic, being simple by appreciating life & health, moving & thinking naturally & efficiently, and attains self-sufficiency by: understanding life & always being centered. By training in survival, you go back to basics & focus on the moment by minimizing ego, and avoiding & curbing conflict through simplicity, discipline & self-restraint, and being humble & peaceful in day-to-day life.

Bujinkan Tori is the ancient & authentic Ninja system, a complete one, both internal & external, designed to make you natural, simple, whole therefore supernatural, enlightened & free! In each session we do conditioning & sparring (tough & fast - but safe), and Live Action Role Playing (slow & controlled) to develop both body & mind, and ultimately, free the spirit within!

How martial arts (esp. Ninjutsu) helps keep you motivated yet relaxed:
- energy: virtues lead to purpose which lead to passion which lead to drive
- efficiency: survival & way of war: you learn to think & move naturally in reaction to problems - martial zen
- self-sufficiency: you learn to clear the mind by being balanced & present at all times - zen


{{{ !!! WHO !!! }}}

This art is perfect for anyone (wanting to: learn self-defense / martial arts / develop focus, efficiency, & strategy / eliminate stress / try something new / meet healthy people), beach goers, nature lovers, martial artists, gymnasts, traceurs, fitness enthusiasts, swimmers, vegans, chi gongers, yogis, budokans, and Ninja / Ninjutsu & Japan fans in Dubai.


{{{ !!! HOW !!! }}}

Time and Location depends on your profile, activeness, & vote. For now, it is roughly every:
- Monday eve @ JLT Park
- Wednesday eve @ Bay Avenue Park
- Saturday eve @ Zabeel Park
- first Friday afternoon (intro) @ TheBeach, JBR

- Friday / Saturday morn @ Mushrif Park (nature survival)
- second & third Friday / Saturday afternoon (evasion) @ Age of Rage of Range (http://AgeOfRage.info) (JBR / Kite beach)
- fourth Friday / Saturday afternoon (weapons) @ Age of Rage of Range (http://AgeOfRage.info) (Marina)

Check Upcoming or Calendar below for more accuracy & details.

Join us! I look forward to killing all of you soon!
Row / Mowrad


{{{ FEES }}}

1st session is free if u use site for info. 2nd session post Google Maps / FB page (linked from Meetup group’s Desktop Site) positive review or post pix with club tag & testimonial on FB / Instagram or:

Single events: mentioned under each event's description under FEES / free for helping with transport needed / bringing someone new.

Other rates:
- choice 1: 1 session: AED75 with 1 week validity (rate: AED75, value: AED75)
- choice 2: 2 sessions: AED100 with 2 week validity (rate: AED50, value: AED150)
- choice 3: 8 sessions: AED300 with 2 month validity (rate: AED40, value: AED600) <-- LIMITED PROMO!
- choice 4: 10 sessions: AED300 with 2.5 month validity (rate: AED30, value: AED900) <-- HIGHLY LIMITED PROMO! Includes 2 semi-privates sessions; limited to free trial day payments.

- A "session" is 1 (weekday) to 1.5 hours (weekend) and considered a half session (fitness & solo meditation OR self defense & partner meditation).
- A "full session" is 2 (weekday) to 3 (weekend) hours and is considered a dual session (fitness & solo meditation & partner meditation & self defense).
- The "value" is based on AED50/hour standard club price.
- A "semi-private session" is 1.5 hours (weekday) to 2 hours (weekend) and is for 2 students max. Its total price is AED150 regardless of number of students.
- Bookings exchange only upon 1 hour minimum advance notice. No refunds.

1 payment counts in2 all 3 groups: Age of Rage of Range (http://www.ageofrage.info/), Bujinkan Tori Dubai (http://www.toridubai.info/), and Whoop Ass Party (http://www.meetup.com/WAParty).

If you pay before attendance (online via http://www.paypal.me/3LANet or ask for bank account info) you get 10% discount. Please mention what payment is exactly for.



For bringing us customers:
- Option 1) 25% for first 1 package payment (AED75x1) / for first 3 single payments (AED20x3 or AED25x3)
- Option 2) 4 sessions extra worth AED300 (4 week validity)

Have your contact ask you for info / discount to ensure you get it, though we ensure to reward you for your efforts & so you can keep doing it :)


{{{ CONTACT }}}

Add me to:
1) get urgent / important updates / annoucements
2) get training alerts not on Meetup
3) get to network with others
4) get more info about training & wellbeing
5) get help attending training (directions, etc.)
6) get to be known better
7) get customized training to suit u (time, location, training) <-- if u are active!

My contact (use only after registration!):
- Site: mowrow.com (http://mowrow.com/)
- SM: http://facebook.com/mowrow / http://plus.google.com/+MowradRownak (add -> intro).
- WhatsApp: 055 919 6179.


Vote (time, location, activities, improvements, etc.): http://www.meetup.com/ToriDubai/polls/ (http://www.meetup.com/XtremeNinjutsu/polls/).


For a martial arts oriented fitness group, join Age of Rage of Range (http://AgeOfRage.info) group.



We are a non-commercial/profit group with officially trained practitioners of Ninjutsu in Dubai (Ninjutsu from Bujinkan Tori, Parkour from American Parkour, etc.).

Attendance is solely at your own risk and responsibility, though we do ensure minimal chance for injury through safe-guards and experience.

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