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What we’re about

This club encourages all members to seek out their goals in the field of music.

Our club’s goal is to bring people together regardless of the level of musical skills they possess. The focus is to enjoy good fellowship through music.

Our club would like to have members, who are willing to put some perpetual degree of effort into improving any part of their music skills that would be lacking.

We have leaders and members who are willing to share their music skills (teach) with anyone, who is willing to learn.

At each jam session, there will be a small band present, who will set the tone for the music being played. The band will offer the same level of enthusiastic encouragement to everyone to step up and be part of the fun. For those who are ready or willing to try, we will have an open mic policy, where anyone may sing, play the uke (or any instrument), or dance while the members in attendance would be playing their instruments, singing and following along.

The venue, where we will be meeting, will have food and refreshments available for purchase. This venue is being offered free to the club so hopefully the members will reciprocate by patronizing the business. 


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