What we're about

Meet other local sake, sushi and japanese food lovers! This group is for sharing our love and enthusiasm for sake, sushi and other types of Japanese food. I'm sure you have your favorites - let's share and explore!

Here's the basic format:
Mission #1 (Todd): Where's the Best Ramen In NYC!!!
Mission #2 (Open): The Best of Hidden Japan (Right here in NYC)!!!!
Mission #3 (Mike): Find the Best Sushi Spot!
Mission #4 (Open): Best of Yakitori in NYC!!!
Mission #5 (Todd): Best of the Best Sake Joints!!!
Mission #6 (Open): Best Soba Spots!
Mission #7 (Open): Curry Club Finds!
Mission #8 (Open): Who has the best Katsu....hmmm..
Mission #9 (Open): Cheap eats! Bento Boxes for under $12 Bucks?
Mission #10 (Todd): Japan Underground...Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock etc. Right here in NYC!
Mission #11 (Ralph): Hidden Okonomiyaki Spots!
Mission #12 (Todd): Karaoke Anyone?
Mission #13 (Todd): Best Japanese, Korean and Chinese Dive Bars! The grungier the better!
Mission #14 (Todd): Fun things to do at Japanese Restaurants (Shogi, Hanafuda etc.)!!!
Mission #15 (Todd): Japanese Dessert Shops!
Email me with questions, comments and or suggestions.


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