Talk: Using Nix at Mozilla

This is a past event

31 people went

CodeNode, London

10 South Pl · London

How to find us

Ask at the reception for the NixOS meetup


Please also register on SkillsMatter:

Last time a lot of us didn't register on their website and we ended up cramped in a small room with no video recording.


After two months of silence we are getting back on track! The meetup will start with a short community announcements section, followed by the talk, a hacking session and finish at the pub for some beers.

This time we have Rok Garbas joining us. Rok Garbas is Release Engineer at Mozilla. He is a Nix/NixOS user since 2011 and has helped introduce Nix to few companies. He's on twitter as @garbas.


We will cover reasons why Nix is a fit for things we do
(or plan to do in the future) at Mozilla. We'll cover topics such as:
- building reproducible docker images with nix
- doing elm development with nix
- pypi2nix and creating python environments with nix
- auto-updating sources (recently landed in nixpkgs)