• Micro Drone Racing with the IDRLC (2 day event)

    Drone Zone NJ

    Micro (Tiny Whoop) class racing with big prizes.... Total Breakdown Pilots _ 1st _ _ _ _ 2nd _ _ _ _ 3rd 20-39 _ $1,500 _ $1,000 _ $[masked] _ $2,500 _ $1,500 _ $1,[masked] _ $3,000 _ $2,000 _ $1,[masked] _ $3,500 _ $2,500 _ $1,500 100+ __ $5,000 _ $3,000 _ $2,000 To get full details and join the league, go to: http://alturl.com/bhibx

  • Fly-In 'at the Academy'

    Location visible to members

    Our friends at the NJ Drone Academy have welcomed The NJ Drone User Group to fly at their facility. Easy access and only 4 miles from Flemington, 20 miles from Trenton, and 11 miles from Pennsylvania - plenty of parking. Bring your friends and family - fly in their large soon to be netted area, plus check out their training and repair facilities. If you need a ride, eMail Nickalf and if you're delayed or coming late, call the number above so I know to wait for you and if less than 4 members sign up, the meeting will be cancelled.

  • Fly-In at 'the old airfield'

    East Hanover Airfield

    A disused airfield with plenty of open space drive all the way in to the NJDug signs.. If you're delayed or coming late, call the number above so I know to wait for you

  • Propelify Inovative Trade Show

    Pier A Park

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXRPaPDiU00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bhMXvwDqD0 If you’re in the innovation community in the northeast you belong here. Learn from amazing speakers, connect with startups and investors, hire and be hired. Plus virtual reality, drones, music, and a startup competition with Techstars and Samsung NEXT. And lots more. There's a Community booth where we'll be showing attendees everything Drone related that we need help running. Contact Nickalf if you can help (times TBA).. Participants will get a free ticket code.

  • Sunrise shoot and Fly-In at the Creek

    Near the Creek

    Come to either Fly-In or both..... * Get sunrise over the Creek (6:45 - 9am) * Video/Photo shoot surrounding area (9:30 - 1pm+) Get some great photos and video of an old closed military base, trains passing, and boats on the Creek.... Video Drones only - not suitable for 'racing' mini-quads..

  • Fly-In on a Mountain

    Location visible to members

    A designated area for Drones to fly...... You must sign in 'before' you fly and register your frequency if flying FPV.. Keep an eye on the weather with this link (http://alturl.com/f5v2f)... . The views around are spectacular... If you're delayed or coming late, call the number shown only to members so I know to wait for you

  • Fly-In at Old York Farm

    Location visible to members

    A paddock field on a horse farm outside the NODAM VIP TFR area.... Large enough to setup an FPV race course and plenty of interesting surrounding area views to shoot... Check my detailed weather map and link (http://alturl.com/3fkf5) and check here for any updates before you head out....

  • Fly-In to Find the Dam

    By the Lake

    For the adventurous: Video and Photo shoot beside or over the lake.... (minimum battery fight time 15mins and GPS recommended).... Followed by Fly-In -={ TBA }=- @ 1pm - Come to both or just this one. (link to be added) All types of battery charges on hand for those that need to recharge.

  • UAV Drone Workshop

    Location visible to members

    Bring your UAV / sUAS Drones to our regular bi-monthly Hoboken Build and Configure.... If you don't have a drone yet, this is NOT for you as it's only a Workshop for members to work on their drones. A better idea is to come to our Fly-In events where you'll meet a lot of helpful pilots that can give you good suggestions on what to do next. Pilots are welcome from either NJ or NY (we're near the PATH train station) and there will be help and plenty of tools for you to build and configure your bird(s).. If you RSVP to come and find you can't make it, you MUST change your RSVP a soon as you know as space is limited... Thanks...

  • Fly-In at Ellisdale Fields

    Ellisdale Farm Fields

    Outside the POTUS NOTAM/TFR area..... Plenty of space to let rip and also plenty to shoot in the neighborhood...... Large enough to setup an FPV race course..... Check my detailed weather map and link (http://alturl.com/3fkf5) and check here for any updates before you head out....