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For some, Njinga is a place you come to train hard, to push yourself, finding your physical limits & being motivated & inspired to go beyond them.

Others come in for technical advice and pointers, from bike handling to nutrition, race tactics to bespoke training programmes and much more.

All leave stronger, healthier and happier, having made connections and friendships that will last a lifetime.

We coach, train and inspire all levels of cyclists from novice to elite with our extensive service offering and vast experience. Our cycle training along with our support structure will help everybody improve.

We also run corporate events, charity events and have an outdoor cycling group with a variety of speed groups for everyone to get involved in.

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Monthly Discounted Group FTP Test (Functional Threshold Power Test)

Njinga Cycling: Your Total Cycle Training Solution

Have you been putting off your FTP Test for some time? Want to measure your 2019 progress? Then our Monthly Discounted Group FTP Testing Slot is a great opportunity to get it done. The FTP is effectively a fitness test for cyclist and great to ascertain your current cycling fitness and calculate accurate training zones so you are able to Train Smart. Training with up to date training zones will ensure you get the maximum benefit out of each of your training sessions and see results faster. Updating your training zones will also provide you with a platform to kick start your 2020 training with. The FTP Test will also provide you with training zones for both heart rate and power and a benchmark of your current fitness levels. Only £39 - Usually £59 Includes a full FTP Test report. Sign up online here: http://bit.ly/2QC4A9w

Nutrition Talk: Strategies to improve your performance on the bike

We all know January is an important time to kick start your training for the season ahead. However, nutrition will play a vital role in allowing you to perform well and also improve your immunity. Getting your base nutrition right early in the year, will set you on course for a successful 2020 and allow you to perform well on the bike. Our comprehensive cycling nutrition talk on Thursday 9th January at Cycle Exchange has been designed by holistic nutrition specialists and experienced British Cycling coaches to help provide you with top dietary tips to reboot and detox in January, all ready to kick start your 2020 in the right way. We will also be joined by 2 special guests who will pass on their expertise and share their knowledge on natural performance enhancement products to aid performance on the bike. No matter what level of rider you are or whatever your goal, you will leave our talk inspired and ready to re-think your nutritional choices. Find out more and sign up here: https://njingacycling.com/blog/nutrition-talk/

FireStarter Programme - 8 week training programme to kick start your 2020.

Njinga Cycling: Your Total Cycle Training Solution

Perfect for all rider abilities from seasoned pros to those new to cycling, this programme is specifically designed to kick start your 2020 training. If you are looking for some motivation to kick start your new year training after a festive period of indulging, then look no further. Our new Fire Starter Programme is guaranteed to boost your cycle training; increasing your enjoyment and performance on the bike. Building momentum each week, our British Cycling Coaches focus on driving incremental improvements to your power, fitness and overall technique, with everyone benefiting from focused and structured training. The programme will take place every Monday and Wednesday evening at 8pm for 8 weeks. The 8 week course will include pre and post testing to track improvements, expert coaching, structured and progressive classes and much more. Comes with a 120% money back guarantee if you don't see any results. Find out more here: https://njingacycling.com/njinga-training-programmes/fire-starter/

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