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This is a group for anyone who loves Americana and roots music - at least parts of blues, bluegrass, country (especially what is considered classic country and and "alternative" country), folk, Old Time Music, and roots rock. We're a big tent here. We aim to include, not exclude. If you're interested in joining, you're more than welcome to be here.

Events will include concerts, both at clubs and house concerts. The Organizer is very happy to add events to the calendar for promoters and artists as well as any other individual -- I want this to be a supportive place for the musicians we love.

At some point, there may also be a purely social meetup, but I don't have one in the planning now.

Upcoming events (5+)

Amy LaVere & Will Sexton

Hill Country Barbecue Market

Doors 8, Show 8:30, Tix $12-15 A burgeoning star, AL is becoming renowned 4 her songwriting, bass playing, & vocals. She sings w/a sweet, haunting voice th@ can turn on a dime from innocent 2 lusty (“N Jones w/an added C Lauper element” — Mojo Mag; “Spookiness suits her” — NY Times). Whether playing as a duo w/her husb& WS or w/retro-country sensation Motel Mirrors, she’s an inventive, thoughtful singer-songwriter who has crowds thru-out the US & Europe smitten. Music fans 1st discovered this “sweet soprano” on This World is ~My Home in 2005, but it was her J Dickinson-produced breakout album Anchors & Anvils 2 yrs l8r th@put AL on the map. The success of As & As drew the attention of the UK market, & soon AL was invited 2 per4m on the BBC’s “L8r w/J Holl&” – the appearance intro'd her 2 an intl audience, & 2 Craig Silvey (A Fire), who she’d l8r team w/2 produce Stranger Me. Spin called the 2011 release “the break-up album of the yr,” Paste said it was “among the yr’s best,” & it earned a 1st listen feature from NPR’s All Things Considered. She followed it in '14 w/another critical smash: Runaway’s Diary, a concept album based on her own experience as a teenage runaway, produced by L Dickinson (N MS Allstars). Am. Songwriter called it “boundary pushing… heartfelt, reflective, challenging & consistently compelling.” NPR Music’s R Christgau said it was her best yet. Her most recent release, Hallelujah I’m A Dreamer , was a surprise 4 fans just 9 months after Runaway’s Diary, recorded w/ WS. On Hallelujah, AL & WS capture the immediacy of the live show they developed on the road 2gether, reveling in a more stripped-down sound & celebrating the freedoms & limitations th@ come w/it in stunning 4m. No Depression said: “pure bliss.” In addition 2 her solo records & a tireless 2ring schedule, AL enjoys collaborations. In '12 she joined an all-star collaboration called The W&ering, composed of AL, LD, S McNally, Sharde Thomas & V June. They released Go On Now, You Can’t Stay Here 2 critical acclaim & sold out shows. In the afterglow of The W&ering, AL & SM hit the road 2gether & released an EP titled Chasing the Ghost, The Rehearsal Sessions which featured songs from both artists recorded live during rehearsals 4 the 2r. Amy next paired up w/noted rocker JP Keith 2 cre8 MMs. Their styles complemented 1 another, which made 4 magic on stage & in the studio. Their eponymous vinyl EP was named 1 of the “10 Essential Albums of '13” by No Depression. AL is also an actress. In '05 she was cast as W Jackson in Walk the Line . She has appeared in a variety of indie t & studio productions: Black Snake Moan, $5 Cover, Woman’s Picture, The Romance of Loneliness ('12) & most recently w/Grace Zabriski in Only Child ('15). W's writing credits range from work w/W Jennings & S Stills 2 J Ely & B Carter. F8 & his own sheer talent placed him on stage w/ocal legends be4 he’d lived out his 1st decade. WS & his big bro, Charlie, started playing 2gether at the Continental Club when WS was 9 & CS was 11. Many of the sounds of his childhood still reson8 in his work. Will received early success in Austin & was signed by MCA @ 16. He has survived in the tough Austin music scene by playing gigs w/a variety of notable artists. It is never unusual 2 go out 2 c@ch a show featuring an Austin singer/songwriter & see WS onstage. Things came2 a temporary halt in 12/09 when WS suffered a mild stroke. Tho he had a remarkable recovery, he was unable 2 remember much of the music he had written & played. 4 him 2 be unable 2 connect w/those songs mentally since the stroke was a setback few musicians could imagine. The Austin came out 4 a music benefit 2 raise money 4 WS’s living expenses & medical bills. While WS was working thru the recovery process, Move The Balance was released 2 months l8r w/o much notice & 2 very little fanfare. This is an album ~ 2 be overlooked, including 11 new songs recorded in 22 hours @ Congress House studios in S Austin.

Mike & The Moonpies (w/Whiskey Revival)

Needs a location

Doors 7 | Show 8 | Tix $12 When frontman Mike Harmeier sang “they don’t make ’em like they used 2” at the start of M&tM’s last studio album ('15’s Mockingbird), it wasn’t the idle complaint of an armchair country critic: It was a challenge. “The idea was, if I walked in2 a bar w/my dad or gr&father, I wanted the album 2 sound like the stuff that I would play on a jukebox,” says the 33-year-old songwriter, who started M&tMs not long after moving 2 Austin from his native Houston a decade ago. “That’s why it had a bunch of different styles on it: there’s a B Seger...thing...some R Travis...stuff, a G Jones..thing ... That was all a gr& scheme that I had inmy head.”The reaction was pretty gr&, 2, w/R Stone Country picking Mockingbird as 1 of the genre’s best albums of the year. The accolades coincided w/the b&’s signing w/powerhouse Americana booking agency Red 11 Music, & the following year’s double-disc Live at WinStar World Casino & Resort only offered further affirmation of M&tMs’ hard-earned status as 1 of the TX music scene’s finest country b&s since the release of their '10 debut, The Real Country. It turns out MH had something of a scheme in his head 4 that live album, 2 . The rest of the M&tMs—guitarist Catlin Ruther4d, drummer Kyle Ponder, bassist Preston Rhone, steel guitarist Zachary Moulton, & piano/organ/Wurlitzer player John Carbone — may not have known it at the time when they hit the WinStar stage, but MH was laying the groundwork 4 their next studio album. “Sometimes when you go in2 the studio, you get in2 a hole where everybody wants 2 recut their solos over & over, & I wanted 2 stay away from that when we made our next album...the live album was my way of kind of conditioning the b& 4 that ... w/o me telling them.” MH laughs as he admits this, but the results —as heard on the b&’s freshly minted Steak Night at the Prairie Rose (February 2018) — speak 4 themselves. Recorded in April at Yellow Dog Studios in Wimberley, TX, the M&tMs’ 5th album is not only their best e4t 2 date, but arguably the 1s 2 really nail the irresistible, good-time spark & spirit of 1 of Austin’s best bar &s (in any genre) in the studio. In keeping w/the “keep it in the moment” vibe of the whole record, MH wrote orco-wrote all but one of the album’s 10 songs (the exception being “The Last Time”by friend Jonathan Terrell, who wrote “Damn Strait” 4 the M&tMs’ '12 sophomore release The Hard Way) inthe span of about a month or two, right be4 the week-long recording session. Altho every song on the album is as unabashedly country as any fan favorite from Mockingbird or the rest of the M&tMs’ catalog (including the dozens of classic honky-tonk covers from their salad days residencies at Austin’s Hole in the Wall, White Horse, & Broken Spoke), MH notes that the only “concept”he had this around was 2 keep the writing “simple” enough 2 allow the rest of the b& —& producer Adam Odor — room 2 really go 2 town. “The only thing I really wanted was 4 the b& 2 just have fun playing the songs, because I wanted the album 2 showcase the players on top of the songs that I wrote — just like the live record did.”....

Heads up: Jumpin' Jupiter, Gina Dalmas & The Heart Stompers

Hill Country Barbecue Market

Tickets $5 Jumpin' Jupiter Jumpin' Jupiter, long hailed by many as one of Virginia's premiere rockin' and rollin' rockabilly outfits, landed in the Falls Church area sometime in the summer of '92. Since then, they have played from N.Y.C. to North Carolina, unleashing some of the most powerful and energetic performances ever seen on the East Coast! This four-piece outfit has pulled up rock + roll by its roots and propelled it far into orbit with fuel to spare! Louie Newmeyer (Rockville, MD) on upright bass and Doug Hoekstra (San Antonio, TX) on drums lay down a solid rhythm that'll make any average human get to slammin', swingin', or just fhufflin' around the room. Guitarist Patrick Cavanaugh flies his twangin' Telecaster in and out and all around that crazy beat with the force of a runaway locomotive. Born and raised in the Washington, D.C. area, Patrick has played along-side such local favorites as Billy Hancock, Johnny Seaton and the legendary Danny Gatton. The band is fronted by Jay Jenc (Washington, D.C.) who delivers some of the most sincere yet frantically kinetic vocals ever witnessed. Whether playing at a backyard bar-b-que or with some national act in a great big fancy club, these stripped-down, psychobilly cowpunks have found a home here on Earth. A home in the hearts of all of those folks out there who haven't forgotten how much fun good ol' American music is, even when you're not paying attention! Gina Dalmas & The Heart Stompers Alt-Country Band, Winner of Veer Magazine's Best Country Artist 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012. Formerly known as Gina Dalmas & The Cow Tippin' Playboys.

Lucky Penny House Concert with Rod Picott


RSVP/Address/Mailing list: [masked] The Lucky Penny Living Room offers an intimate acoustic Americana listening room experience in a crumbling late Qing Dynasty row house in Petworth, NW Washington. Starts as an evening BYOB party...and ends with nightcap drinks and other fun. I serve light bites and desserts. All ticket money (cash at the door) goes to the artist.

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