What we're about

This group is for anyone interested in "No-Code" tools for making software solutions. At the moment defined by products like WebFlow, Appsheet & Airtable.

The integration between systems is often done with Zapier/Integromat or similar.

We will try to present a new No-Code tool at each meeting. The presentation will mostly be an introduction to the product.

Looking forward to exchanging knowledge about this space.

More inspiration:

First meetup (What is No-Code): https://www.dropbox.com/s/hptss9q6qegyx7w/Meeting%20001%20No-Code%20Copenhagen.pdf?dl=0

A curated list of No-Code tools:

https://github.com/nslindtner/awesome-nocod... (https://github.com/nslindtner/awesome-nocode)

Past events (7)

Build a Slack idea engine for your team (live build workshop)
Supercharging the Webflow CMS with Airtable (Online)

Online event

Meeting 005 - PowerApps and Glide

Symbion Fruebjergvej

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