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No Debt Bet Monthly Meeting
-No Debt Bet Challenge Overview (for new members) -Budget & Savings Monthly Focus -Non-W2 Income Cultivation Monthly Focus -Community Service Connection of the Month -Review + Q&A

BridgeWater Assisted Living

4000 N. 3rd Avenue · Phoenix, az

What we're about

1) What is No Debt Bet (NDB)?
A systematic debt reduction program that gives you an incentive to meet weekly goals and holds you accountable when you fall short. (Program is free).
2) Whom is No Debt Bet for?
Anyone who has an income and wants to reduce their debt.
3) How Does it Work?
-You choose a local charitable organization (at your first meeting or on your own) that allows people to volunteer (in-person or virtually) at least 16 hours each month. *All group members must agree to complete a minimum of 4 hours volunteer work each month.
-You decide upon a monthly debt reduction goal (typically between $250-$1,000).
-You're paired with someone with the same monthly reduction goal as you.
-You and your partner compare weekly debt reduction pay-down on Fridays.
-The partner who has paid off less debt that week must complete 4 hours of community service (organization is determined by weekly winner).
4) All Members Agree to Set a Weekly 'non-W2' Supplemental Income Goal.
-But, how you say?! Come to the first meeting to meet your competition and for info regarding tools to eliminate debt and build sustainable passive income. Note: If you're worried about attempting to fit volunteer hours into your already full calendar: STOP. We'll find a way to make it work and help you eliminate your debt.

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