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This meetup is part of a non partisan congressional reform group called No Labels. No Labels is made up of Republicans, Democrats and Independents who are dedicated to the important task of fixing our broken Congress and returning sanity to the governing process.

To accomplish this No Labels has devised an “inside game” and “outside game” approach:

The “inside game” brings together a team of former congressmen and experienced political advisors who are familiar with how the legislative process works. They are working to find common sense reforms aimed at reducing the gridlock and creating a more constructive environment in congress.

One step that No Labels has already taken is to create the Problem Solvers caucus. This caucus provides a much needed forum where legislators can work across the aisle and find common ground on issues facing our country.

The “outside game” brings together concerned citizens from across the country who want a Congress that is able to address the serious issues that are facing our country. The purpose of this team is to convince Congress that the No Labels reform efforts have the support of the American people. I started this meetup as a way to build support for this effort.

The Problem Solvers caucus

Several years ago, No Labels helped to form the bipartisan Problem Solvers caucus. Since then, the members of this caucus have been working to find areas of agreement where the two parties can work together on policy issues. Unfortunately, none of their proposals even received a hearing or a vote on the House floor.

Now they have a rare opportunity to shake things up. As you may know, in January Paul Ryan will step down as Speaker of the House. In what will probably be an evenly divided house, anyone who wants the job may have a hard time getting enough votes.

The Problem Solvers caucus and No Labels believe the best way to change Congress is to change the rules governing it. That is why the upcoming election for House Speaker has such significance. The Problem Solvers caucus now has the leverage to demand some much needed changes to House rules.

Break the Gridlock

In July, they put forward the “Break the Gridlock” reform package of rule changes designed to fix these problems. Congressmen from both parties have signed on and agree to only vote for candidates who support this plan. This means that some of them may have to vote against a candidate from their own party. Needless to say, they will face intense pressure to get back in line.

Our local congressman, Fred Upton is a member of the Problem Solvers caucus. He had also pledged to support the “Break the Gridlock” initiative. If you could take a minute and sent him a message, that would be great.


Also, in this short video, Mr. Upton shares his thoughts on “Break the Gridlock”


To learn more about No Labels and the Problem Solvers caucus follow these links:



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