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Understanding Humility
There is great influential power when humility is truly understood and exercised. It is, unfortunately, widely misunderstood to mean behaving as a doormat and a push-over, highly regarded as a self-deprecating principle by wish-washy crowd pleasers. Join the discussion and learn what it is, what it is not, and how to utilize it in cultivating a great life and drawing the finest men and women into your inner circle.

The coffee shop @ Barnes & Noble

2300 East 17th Street · Idaho Falls, ID

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Nice Guys have been conditioned to believe that if they are "good" and do everything "right", they will be loved, get their needs met, and have a smooth life. Sound too good to be true? It is. This belief is a myth, which only leaves Nice Guys feeling frustrated, lonely, and powerless.

There is nothing wrong with being nice. But the Nice Guy does it to seek approval and avoid rejection. He's a people-pleaser. He constantly sets his own needs and wants aside, and pretends to be something he's not, in order to make other people happy. Suppressing his authenticity does not work for long. The Nice Guy eventually blows up in rage, passive-aggressive behavior, or compulsive sexual acting out. Nice Guys do not feel that it's safe to be exactly who they are, and therefore are secretive, manipulative, and very unhappy.

We are a group of men who want to start taking control of ourselves and our lives. We have seen that we cannot do it alone. We pledge to help, support, and encourage one another in our journey to become Integrated Males. We strive to:
- Stop seeking the approval of others.
- Learn effective ways to get our needs met.
- Feel more powerful and confident.
- Create the kind of intimate relationships we really want.
- Learn to express our feelings and emotions.
- Have a fulfilling and exciting sex life.
- Embrace our masculinity and have meaningful relationships with other men.
- Live up to our potential and become truly creative and productive.
- Accept ourselves just as we are.
- Live with total integrity.

If these are things you want in your life, please join us! Any adult (21+) male is welcome, regardless of relationship status, position in life, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. We strive to make our meetings safe for all. Our support/discussion group meetings are held every Wednesday, are free of charge, and last about 90 minutes. We also do plenty of other manly activities to give you a chance to bond with our group of safe men.

We take the principal themes for our meetings from the book "No More Mr. Nice Guy", by Dr. Robert Glover (, but we also use other inspirational books and materials to enhance our discussions. Come join us and start getting what you want in love, sex, and life!

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