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As an active advocate of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, i pay very keen focus to three of the goals: Good Health and Well Being, Quality Education and Gender Equality.

We are at an urgent time, a time where our participation is crucial to ensure that all women and girls, no matter their race, where they live, where they grew up or where they work; are in a world where their potential can be fully actualized.

This group's programme is about making women and girls aware of who they are and the potential that they have within them to take charge of their own destinies and become the best version of themselves.

We shall be taking time to listen to some of the challenging life stories of fellow women and girls; and learn from how they came out of those difficult moments in victory and are now scaling greater heights in their lives. Most of the life experiences you will hear are things we have faced in the past that have affected our lives till date or they are things we are facing on a daily basis that affect our balance in life. We shall also take time to celebrate and reflect on the progress made by women and girls in our group (be it emotional, social, economic, mental or psychological progress).

We shall have male speakers who appreciate the strength and potential of women speak to us on sensitive subjects that are hardly spoken over. We have men in the society who fully support and believe in the strength of a woman.

I would like to encourage every woman with a silent struggle, an untold story, fears and questions on matters that affect them in life today to join this group.You may not have the courage to tell your story or struggles but you will definitely hear about something similar from the women and girls who are ready to share their stories and from there, you can find direction to progress. Great opportunities for questions will be made available and together we will maximize our potential.

Do not miss our great meetings each month in Dubai. We also engage in a lot of other fun activities that help us relax and also interact. See you there!


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