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NoCo Bushcrafters is a group for those who wants to share, learn, and practice all aspects of 'bushcraft', which may overlap with your interests in self-sufficiency, survival, primitive living, homesteading, and camping, to name a few.

Our goal is to meet like-minded people that like to be resourceful when camping and hiking in the outdoors. We'll spend at least half of our meets out on trail/in the wilderness; the remaining meets will be workshops and discussions in and around Ft. Collins, including the occasional brew-pub or restaurant, whatever members would like to do.

There's certainly a number of other groups that like to get outdoors to hike and have adventure, but here are some of the topics that make this group different:

- starting fire

- finding and preserving food

- purifying water

- building shelter

- medical aid

- navigation

- making and repairing tools

- creating natural cordage

- hunting, fishing and foraging

- carry fewer items in the field by being able to find resources and create tools

- understand ways to use gear for more than a single purpose

- learning how provide for yourself and have new appreciation for your environment

-We welcome a wide bredth of methodologies and talents from primitive to the use of advanced materials, methods and technologies.

I'm looking forward to meeting beginners who just enjoy casual hiking, camping, self sufficiency, making friends and are eager to learn more to those with expert skill sets, have served as instructors, special operators \ SERE or other outdoors profession and are always looking to improve their skill sets doing what they love! Our meetups vary to be accommodating to both!

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