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Around here, we're enjoying the surplus of cash and financial freedom that naturally results from consciously choosing to consume less.

This meetup is a chance for us to get together with others on this journey once a month or so, get to know our fellow Mustachians a bit better, exchange ideas, and encourage one another to stay focused on our goals.

Everyone interested in pursuing this path is welcome, regardless of whether you're looking to mercilessly crush your debt or you've already achieved financial independence. Topics will vary and include Mustachianism, frugality, investing, entrepreneurship, DIY, sustainability, education, community-building, and more.

Come out and join the conversation!

The NoCo Mustachians is a strictly non-commercial place for the free exchange of ideas. To serve that purpose, all members have access to a group-wide discussion board and other tools to foster open communication. However, using the provided group communication tools to promote your product or service offerings to our members is unacceptable and may result in removal from this group upon review by our Organizers.

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Taking Stock Book Launch Party With Jordan Grumet

Needs a location

Jordan Grumet, host of the Earn & Invest podcast, is coming to HQ to launch his excellent new book. Jordan was an internal medicine doctor who worked in hospice care. In Taking Stock, Jordan teaches what he learned from his experiences working in hospice. It turns out that the dying can teach us a lot about how to live.

Book: The book will not be for sale at the event. If you would like Jordan to sign a book, please pick up a copy beforehand.

Potluck: Feel free to bring a drink or appetizer to share.

Coffee and Community

Needs a location

Let's grab a drink and chat.

Ideally the weather will be great and we will sit outside. The sun can be intense, plan accordingly.

Venue: East Simpson Coffee Company

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Coffee and Community

Needs a location

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