What we're about

At our meetups we will focus on tools and approaches which help you create your product, app, offering, etc. without the need for programming skills.

We will have speakers and open discussions.

At NoCode we are fascinated with the possibilities that come with tools that enable us to create websites, apps, workflows, designs, and more without the need for coding skills.

We call that „power to the people“ and believe that this is the future and it will get better by the year.

Our founders are developers but they themselves love the possibilities to create sth. fast, test it with users, show it to investors without the need to invest months in development.

We believe that developers will not be replaced by tools but the path from 0 to something will become easier with the tools and approaches we will be looking at. You’ll still need developers once your product/offering is growing - some things/ideas are so unique that no tool can achieve it for you without coding.

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