NoCode Vienna meetup #2 - creating mobile apps without code (REMOTE)

NoCode - create without programming
NoCode - create without programming
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Our agenda for this meetup:
- Intro + NoCode news by your host
- Create mobile apps via Glide Apps by our guest speaker Karim El Kaddioui
- Group discussion about mobile apps and NoCode at the end 🚀

Do all of that remotely via a ZOOM conference call 👁

Our guest speaker is "Karim El Kaddioui", Founder at Finance for Makers.
Karim is a Business Consultant with a background in Finance and is diving deep into the no-code space to explore his maker side.

The time of NoCode is approaching fast and it can literally give you superpowers if you know how to combine the right tools together you can save a lot of time.

Founder & CEO "Wade Foster" of "Zapier" speaks about the rise of NoCode in this awesome podcast:

We are excited to see you at our event 🥳
Feel free to bring a friend or co-worker if you feel like that NoCode might be a thing for them.

If you want to speak at our next event, please get in touch with us 🤓