What we're about

If you are a Photographer, Stylist, MUA, Fashion Designer, Hair Stylist or Videographer, interested in creating great fashion images/videos for your portfolio, this is the group to join.
I started this group to make it easier for each of us to create work of a calibre that requires a creative team behind it. I've often found my self with a great concept that would be impossible to realize without the help of others, and I've offered my time to help others realize their concept. I hope that this group will attract individuals who can help each other do bigger and better things!
To make sure this will be a functional group, I will be selective in ensuring that we are not one-size heavy, i.e. I want to avoid groups that have 10 photographers and one MUA etc. No one will be refused entry due to skill set or any other reason beyond trying to create balanced groups that can work together.
So, what do you say? Ready to be part of something fun and meet other creative individuals? Join up!

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