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CAMS CNC monthly meeting
The Chesapeake Area Metalworkers Society (CAMS) http://www.cams-club.... ( has a long-established and active CNC special interest group. CAMS CNC meets in Lorton, VA at the offices of Practical Micro Designs ( a manufacturer of CNC electronic devices. The meetings usually have 8-12 people with a mix of skill levels from novice to expert. You'll absorb an amazing amount by attending, even more if you ask questions or bring along a project you need help with. The members attending vary from month to month but we have people who own CNC-equipped machine shops doing commercial work, home shop hobbiests who have retrofitted traditional equipment, and several who have built their own woodworking CNC routers. The format of the meeting is very loose, we usually start a bit late to give everyone a chance to mingle and chat. The meeting begins with introductions which may include a brief mention of each person's interests and current projects. If we have a formal presentation planned this will come next, followed by informal discussion and Q&A opportunity. The meetings can run as late as 10:30 or even 11:00 but many early birds leave before then so don't feel you need to stay for the entire event. Do make sure you bring your projects and machines to show to the group if you can or at least bring your videos, photos, and questions. Don't be concerned if you only see 1 or 2 people RSVP here. Most group members aren't regulars but instead get the meeting invites from our email listserv. If you have any doubts about a meeting being scheduled, contact me for more information. Contact me for meeting details and directions.

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This group was created to provide a local meetup for hobby and professional users of CNC machining equipment.

We have members with a wide range of experience. Some are hobbyists who just bought a Shapeoko, ShopBot, Laser Cutter, or 3D printer and want to learn more about their new machine. Others are building their first CNC machines and want to learn more about stepper motors, breakout boards or can't decide whether too use Mach3 or LinuxCNC to control their machine. A few are professional machinists or owners of businesses that use or sell CNC equipment or services. All are CAD / CAM / CNC enthusiasts eager to learn, share ideas, and keep up with what's new.

We are associated with the Chesapeake Area Metalworking Society (CAMS) a local metalworking interest group that has been meeting since 1999. CAMS has a CNC special interest group active for more than 10 years. This group is mainly used to announce the CAMS CNC meetings and provide a forum to discuss those meetings and share information. More information about CAMS may be found online at

Over the past few years has brought us many new members shared their knowledge making the group better and better. Many new members comment on how much they have learned just by asking a few questions at their first event. We have an amazingly knowledgable group and I encourage you to join to become part of this community.

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