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Market Your Expertise.

Demonstrating your unique, intuitive expertise in what you do, by providing people newer or deeper levels of understanding, is the smartest way to attract clients/customers. (Giving them what they want, when they want it, how they want it is the best way to keep them.)
This group's mission to show you how, and provide tools and venues through which to do it.

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Requesting Preferred Times and Venues for Upcoming Events

Hello Everyone,

Your input is requested for preferred times and venues for upcoming events, which I want to begin as soon as next week.

These will be a combination of weekly or biweekly General Meetups for larger groups (10+ people) and more frequent Ad Hoc (daily) meetups for smaller groups (3-4 people). The goal is convenience and access, i.e., a place that is easy for you to get to; close to Metro and/or with ample parking; and is on a day and time that works well for you and others on a recurring basis. One key area of focus will be Leveraged Networking.

We have all done one on one networking which, though effective, is not efficient. I want to develop reliable channels where any one of us can speak to, say, 3 other meetup members, relatives, friends, colleagues, or acquaintances who in turn speak to 3 others and those speak to 3 of their own, generating 27 potential leads from one conversation.

“Speak to” does not mean pitch to them, but rather something as simple as mentioning that you know or met a terrific auto mechanic who does great work at the lowest available cost; or a Realtor who has a really nice townhouse for rent at less than what you pay for an apartment; or an English-Spanish Translator who is also a Notary, Travel Agent, and handles Immigration issues. (Each of these are real-life people I recommend regularly.)

These leads would benefit a “buddy system” of 3-5 members with whom you have an affinity and whose businesses you can easily recommend to people who need what they have. It’s a bit of work but the effort is worthwhile and will be reciprocated.

There will be no formal structure to it, since it is impossible to predict how such an organism will grow. Let’s start with your suggestions for meetup venues, times and topics, and go from there.

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