What we're about

Are you an idea person?
Do you love science and technology?
Are you a creative and abstract thinker?
An innovative problem solver?
A visual spacial processor (maybe dyslexic)?
An outside the box theorist?
Do you rotate ideas and reality in your head to force new perspectives and novel concepts?
Do new technologies and/or science fiction put your brain into overdrive?
Do you find you have ideas that you need to bounce off of others who might think the same way?
Are you into theoretical physics, quantum computing, nanotechnology, neuroscience, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, swarm intelligence, future technology in general?
Do you find melding of philosophical, creative, and scientific pursuits to be a jolly good pastime?
Do you have a working theory of how Dr Who's TARDIS is bigger on the inside?
Have you given more than a few passing thoughts to using those skills/interests to head down the entrepreneurial yellow brick road?

One, two, three, five, eight, or all of the above?

Then this group is for you. It's a place to throw out big ideas, brainstorm, discuss novel concepts, predict future technology and figure out our place in it, meet others who think the same way, or just ogle as a group at the recently released first ever picture of a black hole (seriously, that thing is amazing). It's also a place to discuss business and entrepreneurial ideas related to said technology. Have an idea for a tech business? Let's hear it!

All people are welcome. All ideas are welcome. There is no judgement. There are no stupid ideas, no stupid questions, and scorn is outlawed. Punch and pie! *

*Probably not, unless you bring some.

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