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Are you a 'Nice Guy'?

No More Mr Nice Guy is a book and action-plan written by Robert Glover*, a psychotherapist with a PhD in marriage and family therapy, which focuses on enabling men** to achieve what they want in love, sex and life.

This group is for you if you've read (or are actively reading) No More Mr Nice Guy and identify as having Nice Guy Syndrome (NGS). It will give you a platform to discuss issues you might be facing, get advice and connect with others who are on their own path to recovery. Dr Glover has said, "groups are the most effective tool I know to help men break free from the Nice Guy Syndrome".

We hold monthly group meetings, which are a forum to discuss your experiences, ask questions, or work through relevant breaking free activities from the book. Although it might sound intimidating or intellectualised, I can assure you that attending a meeting and hearing from other guys in the same position is extremely re-energising and will enable you to furiously forge ahead with your self-improvement. Getting clarity on a struggle is what enables progress, and that's what this group is for.

We'll also schedule regular social events to catch up and let the hair down. This is equally as important for your recovery. Examples include pool nights, bbqs, bushwalking, beach trips, etc.

*If you haven't heard of the book, read about it here: https://www.drglover.com/no-more-mr-nice-guy/the-book.html . Ask for it at book stores, order online ( https://www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?sts=t&an=glover&tn=no+more+mr+nice+guy , or google it, dummy...)

**Note: The book is written from the perspective of men, as many of the background conditions for NGS are associated with clashes and constraints of the imposed characteristics of the male gender stereotype. As such, group meetings are currently run for men only. For many Nice Guys, it is important to have the safe container of a male-only environment. However, it is 2018, gender roles are shifting and I've met many women I've felt had NGS. If you're female or non-binary, please join and send me a PM, as I'd like to offer a support platform for Nice Girls / Nice Folks too, but don't yet have the numbers for these other groups.

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