Node-JS-OC visiting SCaLE 2014 aka SCaLE12x --FREE for our booth volunteers!

Node.js OC
Node.js OC
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LAX Hilton Hotel

5711 Century Blvd. · Los Angeles , CA

How to find us

MIHY1I: Follow the RSVP dirs then the event re-listing hosts can coordinate&gather our attendees; also create&routinely-post-on ur attendance-thread(on our main listing else here)including to find our other attendees.

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{N04FB2=Official details:

MIHWR1 ( MIAVAI: We're one of the Orange County Community Tech Groups visiting SoCal's famous open-source conference SCaLE --FREE for our booth volunteers! ( --LIKELY A MUST-ATTEND for our members, so kindly read that page-just-linked-to then RSVP.

MIM9J0: One can attend for any portion -attend for all that you can. In all cases, even if the start (but not end) time has past, please RSVP here as directed ( and attend.
MIFMCN: repeats annually on the 4th Friday.

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MIGQSC: SCaLE12x:[masked]Fri[masked]Sun1730~ ( --RSVP ( now!