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Node.js Meetup #34 (free food and refreshments)

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Amogha and Andreas L.


Talk #1: A Node.js API Gateway that you control
Rolando will show us how to built an api gateway using k-fastify-gateway in node.js that is highly efficient, configurable and compatible with the existing middleware ecosystem of connect/express.

15 minute lightning talk: 'Symbols complicated it all' by Robin

Talk #2: Gulp's major refactoring and its place in 2019
A tool many will have used in the past has undergone a major refactoring. Blaine, its lead maintainer, will talk to us about what's changed and what you should use gulp for in 2019.

JOBS NOTICE: If you're looking for an exciting new tech job or you're looking to hire great devs, please use ( It's a 100% dev-run agency and they help us keep the meetups about code only. Register in under half a minute!
Dalia Research GmbH
· Berlin, BE
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