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Node.js Meetup #3 (free pizza and beverages!)

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And we're back, just before the summer break! We're very excited to be hosted by Infusion, who are also kind enough to sponsor drinks and pizza!

Talk 1: Luke Bond will talk about running Node.js in production on Linux, showing how we can leverage basic Linux tools and the init system to configure process management, logging and clustering without having to use tools like PM2, forever and nodemon. You will learn more about Linux, the environment in which all your Node.js apps are running in production. The talk will be demo-heavy, showing you just how easy it us to to this yourself.

Talk2: Stephen Cresswell will talk about divorcing microservices with Rascal. Microservice based architectures are everywhere, but to succeed you must find ways to decouple your services so they can be developed and deployed in isolation. This talk examines how GuideSmiths achieved this in a 100+ microservice environment, using RabbitMQ and Rascal - a wrapper for amqplib.