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Use JavaScript to manipulate machines. From blinking lights to Sumo Bot battles, Remote control cats, and Bull fighting with quadcopters...

Anyone with an interest in JavaScript or Robots, or in designing or building web connected physical things should join this meetup. You’ll learn about electronics, NodeJS and Arduino, meet new people and have loads of fun while building NodeBots. You’ll use JavaScript but also get to play with Arduinos, Servos, Sensors, Node.js, Johnny-Five, LEDs and maybe even a drone or two.

You don't need to bring any robotics or electronics with you if you don't have any, as the group has kits you can borrow but please bring a laptop if you have one running NodeJS. You can find all the setup instructions you'll need on our GitHub site, or ask one of the mentors for a hand getting your development environment set up: https://github.com/nodebotsau/nbdau

This meetup group formed after the fun we had being part of International NodeBots day on July 26th 2014 and will meet monthly in the new Fabrication Lab at The Edge so that we can continue to develop our robots. Watch this space for details of the next meetup! See http://nodebotsau.github.io/ for more about NodeBots in Australia or follow us on twitter @nodebotsau

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International NodeBots Day 2016

The Edge

International NodeBots Day

The Edge

NodeBots Night

Fabrication Lab, The Edge

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