What we're about

We want to attract people of all levels: from total beginners who look for their way into IT all the way up to seasoned professionals running heavy traffic in production.

We are constantly looking for people who want to tell us briefly how do they use Node.js. We are interested in any of the following, but of course not limited to:

• cool project that you did for a course at the University,

• big organization migrating to Node.js,

• startups prototyping their MVBP,

• maybe you used Node.js in some unusual scenario,

• powered some IoT devices,

• fixed bug in Node.js repo and want to tell us how you did it,

• or maybe you struggled to understand some Node.js concept and you want to share what you have learnt

Don't be shy and step forward to tell us your story! Just drop me a line, if you are interested.


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