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What we’re about

Noir Girl Travel is a play on the words Black Girl Travel. I am interested in uniting Black/African Americans who want to travel internationally in a group setting. There are many travel groups for African Americans in major cities, Los Angeles, Pasadena, New York, etc.. and I am a member of groups in those cities. Those groups are awesome, but I reside in the IE. I decided we need a Noir Girl Travel Group (Black Girl Travel) closer to home. I know the name may seem like we only want Black Women, but we want to create travel for the African American community in a whole, no matter where you live. Soooo.....

If you want to explore your passion for international travel, but can’t seem to find anyone to travel with and you are  willing to meet new people with similar interests in travel then you have landed in the right place. Group travel makes traveling so much better. It lessens the cost of travel, increases the amount of fun, and decreases the stress because you leave the planning to someone else. I also want to create some Girlfriend Getaways with a European and Caribbean twist. 

We want to focus on international travel, but we will incorporate some domestic travel and local events like concerts, plays, outdoor events, brunch, etc as well. Incorporating local events gives all of us the opportunity to get to know each other better. 

I love to travel, and my philosophy is you should go someplace you've never been at least once a year. I've been living this philosophy for the past five years. There are so many other places I would like to visit, so I became a travel agent. So dust off your bucket list and let's try to create some memorable moments. 

Here are some rules I've created. I think they are reasonable. 

1. *********YOU MUST have a current photo of yourself. The photo of you must be maintained while in the group. If you remove your photo, you will be removed from the group.*********

2. RSVP'ing to a travel event means you want to go. You will receive information about the trip and asked to proceed with a deposit for that journey. If you cannot attend please change your RSVP immediately. 

3. Please don’t market your business. We can collaborate on ways to market your business thru other events we plan. 

4. Attend at least one meetup with the group every three months. I know travel can get costly, so I will make every effort to incorporate some domestic travel to accommodate and local events

5. All of our events don't have to include a plane ride. We can go to some local events as well. So feel free to list local events in the calendar. 


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