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This group is for the free-spirited and open-minded women who are all about trying new things and living life the fullest. If you’re looking to make friends, travel the world, or have local adventures, then this group is for you. This group is for women who want to live like there is no tomorrow, meet new people, and just have fun! This group is not an online pen pal group. We meet up and actually go places. Also, this group is about travelling and being adventurous on a budget. I know some groups on here only plan really expensive tours that not everyone can afford. We’ll strive to have activities for all budgets.

Although married women and women with school-aged children are not discouraged from joining, this group is geared toward the single women with no attachments or things to tie her down. Even though this group is just for women, some events may be open to spouses and significant others. Some outings and trips will be planned in advance, others will be spur of the moment, mainly because I am a flight attendant and that's just how we roll :-) So all my fellow flight attendants, female pilots, and other non-revers...I'm looking for you!

Why did I start this group? Here’s the backstory:

I went to Peru alone.

I vowed in the year 2015 that I would travel more, workout more, go out more, try new things more…etc. I also promised myself this in 2014, and 2013, and so on. You get the picture. But I never did. All of my friends had kids or were married with kids, money was low, too busy, dog ate my homework, whatever. Then I realized that these were all just excuses. So starting January 2015 I said this year would be different. I planned a trip to Peru with a co-worker and the day of the trip, at the airport, she said she was sick and couldn’t go. I was crushed, but I had choice. Go home and sulk or travel by myself for the first time. Guess what I chose? Enough with the excuses! What’s keeping you from your travel dreams? Or anything else you want to try? Don’t say “I don’t have the money to” or “I don’t have the time”. You have the money and the time, you just chose to spend it on other things. Don’t say you don’t have anyone to do things with. Because you can find people, and even if you can’t, go at it alone. There are lots of potential reasons you can find to not do something you want to do. Only a few of them are valid reasons why you can’t. The rest of them are excuses on why you aren’t. Travelling alone or trying something new on your own is scary but so is sitting at home alone, watching life pass you by. I aspire to be an adventurous woman. I know some women out there do too. This is our journey.

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