What we're about

A group for startup nonprofits, grassroots social entrepreneurs, #passionaries and #changemakers. Join me for meetups throughout the US focusing on different topics for success as you consider starting a nonprofit organization.

Topics may include:
- Nonprofit Mindset
- Strategic Planning
- Board Creation or Transformation
- Your Vision & Mission
- Your Perfect Donor
- Using (and obtaining) your 10K/month marketing grant
- Fundraising/Sponsorship
- And, other topics for success

Take part in the participatory presentations and conversations on critical topics that should be considered by every nonprofit.

If you have specific questions about a scheduled topic I encourage you to post them in the comments section so I can work in the answers/solutions to my presentation, exercises, and handouts for you.

Meetups will be approximately 60-75 minutes long so you can fit it in during your lunch break.

Please arrive on time to:
- Have a moment to meet personally before we begin.
- Get a good seat
- Get a beverage or snack (if allowed in the meeting space)
- Get the handouts
- Introduce yourself to the other attendees

Feel free to invite others that may be interested.

I usually have a waitlist so RSVP early and get the event on your master calendar.

As a courtesy to everyone trying to attend please use the RSVP tool to let me know I should count you in or if you can't make it so I can let others on the waitlist know there is an opening. Thanks :) !!

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