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This is a group for anyone interested in learning how to practice and integrate self-compassion (self-empathy), empathy and honesty by learning Nonviolent Communication. It is to promote the living of nonviolence - having no harm or enemy in your heart - and mindfulness while also providing a process to improve communication and connection. Nonviolent communication is a way to live your values and explore HOW to live a compassionate life, how to maintain trust and connection with ourselves and others, especially our loved ones. It is a great addition to someone who has a practice of meditation and mindfulness. It helps bring that mindfulness into every day life. This group helps to promote more peace and healing in the world. Most of the announcements will be for classes and practice groups that ask for a donation. And all offerings will have a sliding scale and scholarships available. This is to spread the word about Nonviolent Communication and the power of a consciousness that inspires heart felt connection where all needs matter equally. Through this exploration we learn how to move beyond the world of domination, judgment, blame and punishment. And we connect back with our naturally compassionate ways. This is not just about being nice, but being real with care.

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