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Hello NorCal Photographers,
Let us get together to explore Bay area &beyond to capture the natural & urban beauty around us.

Focus of this group is landscape, wildlife and street/urban photography. We will not focus on model shoots, studio or portrait photography, since there are already some great meetups that you may be able to join.

In addition to group photo shoots, we will also have meetups for:

1) photo critique
2) photography based business - online sales and art fairs
3) Post-Processing using Lightroom and Photoshop
4) desktop photo printing at home and outsourced lab prints
5) Aerial/Drone photography

Most meetups are not instructor-led but there will be plenty to learn for beginner and amateur photographers.
Advanced and professional photographers are welcome to join & encouraged to share their knowledge with other members.

Interchangeable Lens (ILC) cameras (dSLR / Mirrorless) with tripod is recommended since many shots may require long exposure. However, if you don't have an ILC yet, don't hesitate to join - there will be opportunities to capture great shots with your smartphone as well.

Look forward to see you soon!
Keep Exploring!

Pia & Sean

Upcoming events (2)

Event Video volunteer for Autism in High Tech Summit - Oct 17th

Hello NorCal Photographers, https://techonthespectrum.org/ is organizing Autism in High Tech Summit - Oct 17th at Google campus. The organizers are looking for 1-2 video experts who may be willing to volunteer for this event and cause. Please message me directly and I will connect you. Time commitment is ~4h, noon Oct 17th Thursday. Location: 11th Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA PS: If you would like to just attend this, you can RSVP at: https://cutt.ly/2019autismsummit Sean

Monterey Bay Aquarium Photoshoot

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Let us do a Monterey Bay Aquarium for a Photoshoot with beautiful underwater flora & fauna. AGENDA: We will meet at 9.30pm for intro, setup and map walkthrough. We will enter at 10am when the aquarium opens During intro, pls mention if you would prefer to tag with some experienced photographer. The aquarium is large and it may not be able to stay together entire time. However, we should plan to meetup at lunch and also towards the end to exchange notes. HEADS UP: Please be on time and keep ample time to find parking and buy tickets. We may not be able to wait if you are running late. Buy tickets online to save time. afaik, Flash, Tripods and Monopods are NOT allowed. Commercial photography not allowed in aquarium - if you plan to sell these images, pls get permit by emailing aquarium newsroom in advance. SUGGESTIONS: Get extra battery, and familiarize yourself with your camera operations if you are not already. Polarizers may not be that useful when photographing fish behind glass. Get Lens Rubber hood if you have one as it can greatly reduce glare. - Carpoool, if possible. Get number of driver/passenger to coordinate return trip timing. - Get layers as it may get chilly - Bring snacks/water as needed. Event fee: FREE Have questions? Add a comment or DM me. See you there! Photo credit: montereybayaquarium.org

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GLOW: A Festival of Fire & Light | Volunteer with the MAH

Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History

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