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Winter Walking Festival - 29 December 2018 (4.5 miles)

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This walk is part of our winter walking festival which runs from Friday 21 December 2018 to Sunday 6 January 2019. This year the Ramblers are working with the theme of inclusion and loneliness, and we want to reach out to as many people as we can, to encourage them to come on these walks.

So, these walks are designed to be welcoming to new people who have never walked with us (and of course those who have!). We think that joining a new group and meeting new people can be really difficult, and especially so for those who might be shy or feeling like they're left out. Our aim is to offer a community where people can come and walk with us, come to our social events and on our holidays, and we think that we are genuinely welcoming. And walking is good for the soul, the body and the mind, all that exercise outdoors! If you need any help, then message me. That might mean you would like someone to meet you at your car, maybe give you a lift to a walk, meet you in advance of a walk or at a social event, whatever helps you make the first step to walking with us.

Or you might just want to start walking with a new group to start a new healthy habit in 2019! In which case, the Ramblers offer hundreds of led walks every month and members get sent a programme of them all. We only list a few walks on Meetup, there are many more available in the area programme and members can walk with any group. You will need to join the Ramblers if you've walked with us three times, we'll provide information on that.

For our shorter walks, don't worry too much about equipment. Some of our members won't step outside of their house if they're not kitted out in Rab gear, but all you need are shoes that won't fall apart and a coat so you don't get too cold (and other clothing obviously).

WALK - 29 December (4.5 miles)

This walk is led by Maria. Maria is a long distance walker who can walk too fast, but you needn't fear this on this Christmas recovery walk. Maria likes Brussels Sprouts, bananas and wine. She has had a few personal challenges this year, the worst one being lost in Yorkshire when distracted by gossip. But this walk is around one of her old haunts, so you'll be safe.

Meet at Whitlingham Country Park Visitors Centre, Trowse Lane at 11am. 4-5 miles walk round Great & Little Broad into & exploring woodlands of the country park. If you're driving, please bring change for the car park.