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Winter Walking Festival - Brandon Walk - 2 January 2019 (17 miles)

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***VERY IMPORTANT NOTE*** - We have around ten walks listed on Meetup as part of the Ramblers Winter Walking Festival (more information below), and nearly all of these are around 4 to 5 miles. This walk is a lot longer and isn't suitable for those new to walking as it's 17 miles. However, if you're able to walk these distances, you are more than welcome! The walk is in conjunction with the Norfolk and Suffolk LDWA (Long Distances Walkers Association). If you RSVP you will be reminded of this walk's difficulty.

This walk is part of our winter walking festival which runs from Friday 21 December 2018 to Sunday 6 January 2019. This year the Ramblers are working with the theme of inclusion and loneliness, and we want to reach out to as many people as we can, to encourage them to come on these walks.

So, these walks are designed to be welcoming to new people who have never walked with us (and of course those who have!). We think that joining a new group and meeting new people can be really difficult, and especially so for those who might be shy or feeling like they're left out. Our aim is to offer a community where people can come and walk with us, come to our social events and on our holidays, and we think that we are genuinely welcoming. And walking is good for the soul, the body and the mind, all that exercise outdoors! If you need any help, then message me. That might mean you would like someone to meet you at your car, maybe give you a lift to a walk, meet you in advance of a walk or at a social event, whatever helps you make the first step to walking with us.

Or you might just want to start walking with a new group to start a new healthy habit in 2019! In which case, the Ramblers offer hundreds of led walks every month and members get sent a programme of them all. We only list a few walks on Meetup, there are many more available in the area programme and members can walk with any group. You will need to join the Ramblers if you've walked with us three times, we'll provide information on that.

For our shorter walks, don't worry too much about equipment. Some of our members won't step outside of their house if they're not kitted out in Rab gear, but all you need are shoes that won't fall apart and a coat so you don't get too cold (and other clothing obviously).

WALK - 2 January 2019 (17 miles)

This walk is led by Julian, who is the best walk leader in Hike Norfolk, without question. Every walk is an adventure because Julian doesn't always reccy the entire walk, but he instead glances at it whilst going by on a train. So, don't come on the walk if you like well-run walks which never go wrong. Because these walks usually go a bit wrong, so you might be walking further than expected. Definitely bring lots of food and drink. Julian likes Greggs, pubs, Greggs and crisps, and you may bring any of these with you for the leader (don't bring vegetable crisps or anything other than chicken bakes from Greggs).

The walk will start at George Street in Brandon on Wednesday 2 January 2019, and it will go by numerous historic locations in the area, all of which will be pointed out. Please meet at 09:30. Walkers will be forced to be quiet and listen to Julian's explanation of what they are before we start again. The walk will be undertaken at a reasonable pace, as we have a lot of distance to get round, so please only come if you know you won't collapse with exhaustion after 12 miles. I'll try to avoid any wading through streams to get back on the correct route.