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Legstretchers: 03/02/2019 - Walcott 18 mile walk

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Walcott Beach

Coast Rd · Norwich

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Look for a gaggle of walkers.

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There are few things better than a nice long walk (well, Greggs maybe) and Cas is leading a very lovely 18 mile walk on Sunday 3 February 2019 for Legstretchers.

Cas is classy, cool and great in a crisis. But, there won't be any need for those crisis management skills on this relaxing walk in North Norfolk, which will no doubt offer great company, gossip and adventure. If you haven't heard of Legstretchers, then it's the long distance walking group of Norfolk Area Ramblers. To find out more, have a little look at where you can find out more than you might ever need to know about the group.

Anyway, I got distracted talking about crisis management, which isn't the sort of vibe that I should be giving. So, back to happy vibes and stuff like that. Park your car (or get out of the car if someone else has driven) and look about Walcott seafront for some eager and energetic walkers. Some might be sitting in their car until the last moment before they have to get out, but hopefully someone will be standing there nice and visible. Now would be a great moment to have a doughnut, so don't forget to bring one if you'd like.

Cas will then lead the walk, and you will need to bring lunch. And bring snacks if you want to be sustained in the morning and afternoon (or if you're just greedy and eat all the time anyway), but make sure you have a lunch with you as a minimum. Monster munch are a great snack to bring along, and there's no need to bring the multi-pack of six packs, five will probably suffice. Anyway, I got distracted again, just bring food and drink, because Cas won't want to have to carry anyone back who hasn't eaten enough.

OK, next thing, Cas walks just a bit quickly. This is good, as otherwise everyone will be walking when it's dark, and that's not great. Primarily because half the group will forget to bring head-torches. But, that doesn't mean it's an elite walking group, it just means you have to be comfortable walking 18 miles at a reasonable pace. If you're not sure, then message us and we'll see what we can suggest. So, by quick, I mean it's walking at a sustained reasonable pace, but be prepared for the distance.

Cas hasn't told me what the route is, so I can't give any information on this yet. But expect to see the sea (unless it's foggy), some footpaths, fields and trees. It'll be better than that obviously, but at least this means you won't be over-hyped up at the start of the walk because you won't have a clue what to expect. I don't know if Dave is coming yet, but if he is, he'll likely be hyped up anyway.

This is a joint walk with Norfolk and Suffolk LDWA (long distance walkers) so you can meet some more people, how lovely! Any questions, please do send them to me.