Legstretchers : Sunday 2 February 2020 - Mulbarton (18 miles)

Norfolk Area Ramblers
Norfolk Area Ramblers
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Mulbarton Common

43 Birchfield Lane · Norwich

How to find us

Meet at Mulbarton Village Hall, by the Common. Postcode is NR14 8JG and grid reference is TG 19498 00880

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And it's two weeks before Christmas when writing this, so what does that mean? Yes, it's time to announce the February Legstretchers :)

Right, for anyone who doesn't want to read my drivel, just turn up at Mulbarton Village Hall on 2 February 2020 at 09:30. That's it, don't read the below and claim it's full of unnecessary information. Just pretend it doesn't exist.

For those who have time to waste, here's some background. The walk is led by the ever sanguine Cas, one of my most favourite of walk leaders. Erudite, confident, charming, honest and efficient, she is the embodiment of everything good about Legstretchers. If you have a problem on a walk, then Cas will have a solution. If you have no water, Cas will charm some local resident and water will flow into every water carrying device that you have.

Anyway. The walk is around Mulbarton, best known as being the home of one of our ever cavorting members. This is Clive's patch, so if he isn't otherwise occupied, he'll be there on the walk strutting confidently in his Rab gear. He's our very own Gok Wan. And Mulbarton is lovely, although it doesn't have a Greggs, it does have some shops. And, more importantly for this walk, endless local scenic points.

Remember the key things to bring. A sense of humour, food and drink. Pick what you like, go crazy. Just bring what you like to eat, if you secretly hate healthy food and don't want to eat nuts and dust on the way round, then bring cake. This is acceptable, you're walking for 18 miles so you don't have to pretend to be on some specialist diet if you're not really. If you want, shove four chicken bakes in your bag and eat them on the way round. Make life exciting, dance, breathe and whatever those motivational signs say.

Back to the sense of humour reference, the group isn't that receptive to grumpy people. We don't get very many which is good, but this is a friendly and sociable walk, not some solemn march around Norfolk. If you are grumpy, then either pretend you're not or post for suggestions for other groups. Cas doesn't make mistakes with her walk leading, so there won't be any concerns there. If you're looking for thing to complain about, then wait for one of my walks (I'm Julian), you'll have opportunity to write a book of complaints.

Next, if you're fit and healthy, then you can probably get round this 18 miles with your eyes shut. Not literally obviously, but without any undue health concerns. If you're not sure, then contact Cas for a little chat. If you can walk 15 miles comfortably, you'll likely be fine though, that's our standard measure. It's hard to slow these walks down much because of the distance, but we know that everyone isn't Zola Budd.

This walk is run by Ramblers, but is jointly taking place with the LDWA (long distance walkers), but potential new members can come along as well. If you want to meet new people, that's great. If you're shy, that's seriously not a problem, you can pop me a little message and ask for help, no-one will judge that. Clive's new coat we will judge in a heartbeat, but people who are shy or nervous we absolutely don't. Some ways we can help include meeting you at your car or putting you with Dave, who is our most social member. We don't think he's British as he's so social, but he claims that he's Norfolk through and through, so let's not doubt him.

I don't know what time the walk will finish, but Meetup requires an end time I've put 16:00, but don't go and book some really important family meal at 16:15, just in case something goes wrong. On occasion the pub is just too tempting..... At the end of the walk, give Cas a loud round of applause, that'll add some tension to the proceedings as it makes everything feel awkward.

Anyway, I've got this walk description once again to the bare minimum. I think I've covered all the essential points, so hope that lots of people can make it. Don't forget, 09:30 at Mulbarton Village Hall. If you want a lift, post below.