Micro Services and Iterative Development & Flutter: The cross platform framework

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On Micro Services and Iterative Development: Deferring Implementation With Chains of Responsibility

We operate in a whirlwind of MVPs, pivoting and welcoming change. Iterative development, continuous integration and DevOps have not only enabled this movement but made it a productive, fun place in which to work. Architecturally, micro services are contributing to delivering loosely-coupled functionality on-demand. The Chain of Responsibility is a simple design pattern that you may find particularly useful in extending your services over time, in a sustainable, testable manner without breaking backwards compatibility and without needing Mystic Meg levels of foresight or planning.

This talk, aimed at coders with some architectural autonomy or influence, will show you one way to grow your service from bare bones to add responsibilities like validation and caching as non-invasive after-thoughts, all the way obeying SOLID principles.

Demo code is in c# but the patterns are equally applicable in other languages.

Adrian Pickering

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Flutter: The cross platform mobile framework we've all been waiting for?
Tom Alabaster

Flutter is Google's cross-platform framework to join the likes of Microsoft's Xamarin and Facebook's React. Why will Flutter be making waves in the mobile sector? That's what we'll be looking at in this talk.

I'll be talking about why Flutter is different from the rest, giving an example of earthware using it in production, and giving a 10 minute live demo of what can be achieved in a short space of time!

Tom Alabaster

Tom is a mobile developer at earthware (earthware.co.uk) and has been doing mobile development for more than 4 years. He's used native development tools and various cross-platform technologies in the past but has always been hunting for the "holy grail" of mobile app development.