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This group is for anyone that would self-identify as a liberal. I have tried to describe in full what exactly a liberal is, but it is a near impossible task. For you see, liberals do not all agree on everything, in fact, if we did, we would not be liberals. Liberals are free thinkers and so we question most things. There are a few things that the majority of liberals do agree on:

• All humans should be treated equally, regardless of race, age, color, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability, nationality, origin etc.

• Liberals do not fear or judge other cultures, races, religions, lifestyles, perspectives etc....we try to learn about them and understand them.

• Liberals are strong believers in logic and facts.

• Some liberals are religious, some are not, but regardless, we don't try to force our beliefs onto others, though we will openly discuss them if asked and possibly debate our perspective.

• Liberals do not follow blindly along. We question, question and then question some more until we believe we have the answer (at least for now).

On Social Issues:

Marriage Equality-Absolutely! Equality for All!

Gun Control-Absolutely! Statistics show it cuts down on deaths.

Sex Education-Absolutely!-statistics show is cuts down on teenage pregnancy.

A Living Wage-Absolutely!-Everyone deserves a wage they can live on.

Universal Healthcare-Absolutely!-it should be a human right!

Pro-Choice-Absolutely!-A women should have a right to choose!

If you agree with all or most of these, you are most definitely a Liberal. Join our group. Let's meet for some companionship, some discussion and dinner!

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