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This group is for fiction writers of any genre and any skill level. If you write regularly and would like to meet with other writers for in-person critique sessions, please join us. The goal of this group is to give each other support, motivation, and feedback in a friendly, constructive format.

Meetings are held every other week and follow Milford Style workshopping: http://cascadewriters.com/milford-style-workshopping/ . Participants should plan to submit a work to the group every four to six weeks. That schedule encourages us to complete projects and grows our skills in writing, critiquing, receiving feedback, and meeting deadlines.

Meetings follow this schedule:
1:00-1:15: Introductions and announcements
1:15-1:35: Comments on first work (2 min per commenter; 3 min at end for questions from writer)
1:35-1:55: Comments on second work
1:55-2:15: Comments on third work
2:15-2:30: General discussion

We critique work on a rotation. If you do not feel you will have something ready when your turn comes up, you may pass to the next person on the list. Each writer sends out their work for critique at least one week prior to the next meeting via email.

Regarding work to be critiqued:
- Please limit work for critique to 7,500 words or less.
- Short stories, sections of novellas, and novel chapters are welcome. We do not critique poetry or screen plays.
- Please include a brief summary of prior chapters at the beginning of ongoing stories.
- Expect to spend at least an hour reviewing each piece of writing for workshop prior to each meeting. Read the link above about how to give and receive good critiques. Mark up each work and summarize the points you would like to make before the meeting. At the end of each critique, give your marked up pages to the writer.

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Workshopping Meeting #49

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We will be workshopping two pieces of fiction at this meeting. Please read the group description for our format and agenda.

If this is your first meeting:
- Please message me your email address after you RSVP if you would like me to send you copies of the writing. You are welcome to participate in the critique or to listen in without participating.
- Please read the description of Milford style workshopping (http://cascadewriters.com/milford-style-workshopping/) so that you have context for the discussion.
- Once you have attended one meeting, I will add you to our group email.
- Once you have attended and returned written critiques for at least two of three consecutive meetings, I will add you to the rotation for workshopping your work.

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Workshopping Meeting #48

Online event

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