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What we’re about

We are families with special needs and recognize the importance of connecting with other similar parents. We get together for support, socialization and fun! We are open to all disabilities. Because while we understand the challenges for every family may be different, the heart of the struggle is the same.

It is free to join as we are now sponsored by the Autism Society of Texas,

Austin Special Needs started in March 2014. We transitioned to Meetup in May 2015 for all event planning to have a centralized location for listing all events, pictures, discussion boards, and fliers. It also allows an easier way for parents to connect with other parents of special needs children.

No pictures are allowed to be posted in our Meetup group so that we can be respectful of peoples wishes for privacy regarding their children.

If you have a great idea to suggest for a meet up, please contact the Leadership Team. <br>

We would love for you to join us and we look forward to meeting you soon! <br>