Sponsor Event: Rise of the Indie Professional


(Free) RSVP here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/rise-of-the-indie-professional-how-to-navigate-the-changes-in-our-economy-and-kick-start-your-own-tickets-56511096210

A new event series is launching at Keller Street CoWork, Sonoma County’s largest coworking space in Petaluma. On Thursday, March 28, Rise of the Indie Professional will zero in on the current economic climate. With 30% of the US workforce taking on freelance work, this number is set to increase and could be as high as 50% by 2030.

Many in today’s job force want the freedom of working on their own terms. Keller Street CoWork’s two-event series will present the tools to get started and touch on hot button topics such as how and where to find freelancers faster and better, decide whether independent work or freelancing is the right fit, and how to make the leap successfully.

Danielle Stroble, Director of Keller Street CoWork, will guide the discussion, and share how the coworking business model supports the growing independent and gig worker economy in the North Bay. Carol Schmitt from Acclimate Us and NorthBay 2030 will weigh in her extensive experience and research in the field, recognizing the need to shift in how employers, workers, educators and policymakers support this line of work. To round out the panel, Ethan Brown from the Sonoma Economic Development Board will discuss how the organization supports the growth of the indie worker economy in Sonoma County.

Following the event, stay to enjoy a Networking Mixer at 5pm with the rest of the Keller Street CoWork members, mingle and meet with like-minded business owners in the area.

This event is free, but book early as seating capacity is limited.


Danielle Stroble

Danielle Stroble makes a habit of keeping things interesting. Throughout her career, she has gravitated to projects large and small that have challenged and taught her the ins and outs of non-traditional environments. After 20 years of following a path through business, with expertise in financial accounting and business strategy, she began to consult others to craft their ideal business and lifestyle. During her own career pivot, she mastered the art of working with people to help them realize their best life, both professionally and personally, which led her to launch Keller Street CoWork. Danielle lives in Petaluma with her son and daughter.

Carol Schmitt

Carol Schmitt is a longtime innovative business and partnership developer, marketing leader, market strategist, fundraiser, researcher, program and communications manager, and compelling content creator with expertise in clean energy, AgTech, IoT, networking and sustainability markets. She recently left Silicon Valley and now lives and indie-works from west Sonoma County.

Ethan Brown

Ethan oversees the EDB Business Hotline, which helps businesses find the resources and connections that they need to start up and succeed in Sonoma County. He assists entrepreneurs in understanding the regulatory process, reviewing business and marketing plans, locating financing, and navigating the details required to launch. Ethan’s background as a business owner helps him to understand the unique challenges involved in self-employment and business development, and he enjoys his role in enabling new entrepreneurs every day. His role at the EDB also includes managing special projects, such as the 2014 NExT Economy Project, and the 2016 Year of the Entrepreneur.

(Free) RSVP here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/rise-of-the-indie-professional-how-to-navigate-the-changes-in-our-economy-and-kick-start-your-own-tickets-56511096210