What we're about

This is a Meetup for managers & aspiring leaders who want to build their leadership skills in a community of like-minded young managers. Our goal is to support all leaders in the art of developing high-functioning teams & tribes that make work fulfilling, meaningful & creative.

We serve new and aspiring managers who want results like:
1. Raise your profile as an emerging leader who delivers results
2. Make work personally rewarding, creative and engaging
3. Instill powerful alignment among the members of your team
4. Have more fun & get more done

We hold the following types of events:
1. Training and educational events designed to develop skills and insights
2. Community-building events, so you can get the bump of learning & sharing among people you like, trust & admire; take your new-found insights back to the office & build up your team
3. Networking events to help you meet other people in your community and build camaraderie with new contacts
4. and much more

Leadership is the art of getting people to do what you want because they want to. The effective leader meets their people where they are, helps them discover their inner potential and gives them room to grow. In other words, the leader helps people become bigger versions of themselves, and that becomes the source of greater contributions and loyalty.

I enjoy sharing skills and insights that I learned the hard way - over a successful & rewarding 35-year career. After retiring & studying neuro-science, I realized that many of my most useful intuitions are now backed up by science.

Now it's easier than ever to build a brain-healthy social climate that lights fires, brings out the best in people and energizes your workplace.

Please join our group; see you soon!

Tony Thayer, organizer

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