Applying a Security Mindset to Lock Down Azure SQL DB featuring Surbhi Pokharna

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πŸ”’πŸ”’Securing your cloud systems is not an act but a mindset.πŸ”’πŸ”’

Join us as Surbhi Pokharna demonstrates both that mindset - and applies it in showing all the ways to lock down Azure SQL DB, and keep it locked!

Note the date for this ONLINE/VIRTUAL EVENT was move a couple of times but is now finalized: this virtual event will take place Thu Aug 5 at 6:00 PM Boston time (EST, which is currently UTC-4).

πŸŽ— REMINDER: We are currently operating as #VirtualBostonAzure where Boston Azure ( and North Boston Azure ( continue to combine forces to provide great virtual meetups with speakers from all over the world. We welcome attendees from all over the world.

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This event will be delivered as a Microsoft Teams meeting with the link provided in the Meetup location listing.

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β€’ 6:00-6:10: Introduction, announcements, banter
β€’ 6:10-8:00: Surbhi Pokharna teaches us how to lock down Azure SQL DB, and keep it locked down!

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Applying a Security Mindset to Lock Down Azure SQL DB

Securing your database in the cloud is not an act but a mindset.

Securing a database is frustrating because how do you know when you are done? Meeting the bare minimum of an auditor’s checklist is likely to leave gaps. The best option is to develop a security mindset and aim for building a multi-layered defense system approach.

In this talk, we will show you demos for how to implement each layer of defense one wall at a time. This way, if one layer is breached, you aren’t left defenseless. We will start at the outer layer with network access. Next, we will cover the authentication and authorization using Azure RBAC. Finally, we will protect the innermost layer with Data At Rest and Data In Transit encryption. Once these protections are in place, we’ll see how to monitor Azure SQL security ecosystem for intrusions with Advanced threat protection and more.

By the end of this talk, you will have a plan in play to implement multi-layer defense as well as monitoring for Azure SQL.

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Speaker: Surbhi Pokharna

Surbhi is a database administrator with over 20 years of architectural experience. She has led global teams, managed enterprise-scale, highly-available OLTP environments with deep attention on resiliency, database security, and performance tuning.

She is currently working as a digital transformation architect, change agent for cloud migrations plus carving the path for her team to transform from traditional OLTP to cloud data platform services team.

She specializes in solutions for the financial industry.

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