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Dear Survivor,

This is not your average group by any means! This group is a healing and recovery focused for Narcissistic Abuse Victims, and also other types of people dealing with life and/or relationship struggles (ie Anxiety, Depression groups/workshops ect.). Integrative and alternative workshops are also offered for varying mental health and wellness topics.

This means highly effective skills and strategies are taught during each meeting or workshop (virtual and live) using an integrative approach (both holistic and conventional) to help survivors, victims, codependents empaths/highly Sensitive People, move on from Narcissistic abuse, and/or deal with many other issues that affect one's mental health and wellness.

It is important to note that Narcissistic Abuse Recovery, depression, anxiety and many other mental health challenges are all approached from a "mind-body connection and whole person" standpoint, meaning group facilitators are holistically focused.

A holistically centered approach has been found to be highly effective in helping people heal from the pain of Narcissistic abuse, co-dependency, low self esteem, anxiety, depression and many other issues. Using a holistic/integrative approach, we help members sort through the emotional baggage, survive life crisis, devastation and fallout, and most importantly, learn skills/strategies to take actionable steps towards healing and recovery!


During this group, you can expect real hands on learning about Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), Codependency (and it's link to NPD), Anxiety and Depression, and other mental health issues that may arise. Strategy, healing, and recovery are taught and encouraged.

Ultimately, this group is designed for all types of victims/survivors who are ready to attract healthier relationships through the learning and application of true healing and recovery methods that begins with each member's openness and commitment to healthy self love.

So are you ready to trade in surviving for thriving, co-dependency for self-differentiation, and self- sabotage for self-mastery? Are you open to healing through integrative (i.e. holistic) group therapy and other modalities/approaches?

If so, please register and join to begin your exciting journey to healthy self love, and overall improvement of your mental health and well being.

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